Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pressing the Training Reset Button

I have been seeing the physical therapist for 4 weeks now. Each week we have progressed adding new stretches and strength training exercises. While I know I am progressing and beginning to build a solid foundation, I have not seen the results I would have expected. While the pain has lessened somewhat, it continues to bother me. I decided it was time to start considering a change of course.

Based on my own research and tests done by the physical therapist, I suspected that my primary issue is some sort of sacroiliac (SI) joint dysfunction. I decided the next course of action was to see a chiropractor. One of the benefits of where I work is that we have a chiropractor who comes into our office once a week. I decided I would try a visit with him and see how it went

I saw the new chiropractor today and am happy to say I made the right choice. After a full exam confirming my suspicions, he did a comprehensive adjustment that had me feeling better almost immediately. He told me this should be an easy case to fix with only a couple visits and that once better, I should only have to make appointments to see him when I feel problems coming on. Based on these results, I have decided to at least temporarily suspend seeing the physical therapist. For what I was paying, I felt like I was not getting much out of it. I will continue to build hip and core strength on my own, and am hopeful I will not have to go back to PT.

Because I have not run consistently in the past few months and any sort of distance would flare up my back pain, I also decided it was time to press the reset button on my run training. I initially began looking for a couch to 5K program. I found out that in addition to couch to 5K, there are now couch to 10K programs. I found an android app with a 14 week couch to 10K program and started with Week 1 Day 1 yesterday. I hope by adding proper strength training and building back from scratch with a proper training program, I can avoid future injuries.

At this point, I have scrapped my entire race schedule. I will be doing plenty of races, but there is no ironman in my plans for this year. I am already signed up for Goofy 2015 (deferred from this year) and I am sure I will do several tri's and a couple fall half marathons.

Sometimes, you have to tear it all down to build it up stronger then ever before. That is my plan, to come back stronger (and maybe even faster) then ever.


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