Sunday, November 3, 2013

October Totals

October was a fairly good month for me and I already know that November is going to be even better.

October's Goals

1.Stay injury free - Successful. Dealing with some new pains, but doing well
2.Finish Silver Comet Half - Done, sort of. Did the Halloween Half the day after silver comet
3.Add a 5th run day and get over 20 miles per week by the end of the month - Running 4 days per week right now, but weekly averaging over 20 miles
4.Ride a minimum of 2x per week, preferably 3 - still need some work. Had my highest mileage month of the year
5.Swim at least 1x per week, preferably 2 - failed. No swims at all in October.

October's Totals
2 Races
  • Alpharetta PAL 5K - 30:47
  • Halloween Half - 2:45:43

Swim (Meters)

November's Goals
Swim - get back in the pool, at least 1x/week
Bike - improve consistency, ride 2-3x/week
Run - run 90 miles

We've got lot's of fun races and events planned for November. It kicks of this week with the Wine n Dine meetup on Thursday night, followed by the Wine n Dine Half Marathon on Saturday. When we get back into town, we get to experience Run Disney's first "On The Road" meetup here in Atlanta. On Thanksgiving, I'll likely do a local half marathon, just for fun.

I am still on target to reach 1000 running miles by the end of the year, as long as I continue to run about 20 miles per week. As long as I don't feel like I am going to injure myself, this shouldn't be a problem

How did October go for you? Any big plans for November?

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