Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Welcome to Atlanta RunDisney

Fresh off the excitement of last week's Wine and Dine Half Marathon meetup announcement, they dropped another big announcement today. Not only are they hitting the road, but their first stop is in Atlanta, only 1 week after Wine n Dine. I was determined to get in

The first hint of this new program came back at the beginning of the month.

I replied that they should come to Atlanta. We have a fairly large running community and given that we are only 6 hours or so from Atlanta, it would make sense to make it a stop on their tour. Luckily, we got picked for their very first #OnTheRoadToDiseny stop.

I had mostly forgot about this until this morning when Julie from Run.Walk.Fastpass.Repeat retweeted the following cryptic tweet.

Darrell Fry is their sports media director and was the person behind the Wine n Dine meetup post on their blog. Before today I had not followed him on twitter. If you are interested in special Run Disney events, I recommend you follow him

We received the first "official annoucement from the @RunDisney twitter account at 9:49

At 10:38 we received the exciting news they were coming here to Atlanta. By 11AM, the blog site had crashed due to the number of people refreshing the site for the official post with the instructions.

At around 11:19, the post hit the blog. I already had the emails drafted and luckily they used the same email address for Disney World meet-ups. The official twitter post, which usually goes up almost simultaneously as the blog post, didn't come for another 7 minutes

By 11:50, they posted that they had reached capacity
For the next few hours, those of us who got our emails in before they announced it was full could only sit and wait (and refresh the website) until the announcement was made.

The announcement usually goes up around the end of the business day as an edit to the original post with a link to the attendance list and this time was no different.

Finally, around 5PM, the list was up. Cathy and I both got in, along with several other people we know. We look forward to seeing the unique Disney experience they bring to Atlanta

As a reminder, I posted several tips in my post regarding the Wine N Dine Meet-Up. For the most part, these rules held true, though the delay in the @RunDisney twitter post when the blog post went up was a little different. The only other tip I can add is to rely on your fellow RunDisney enthusiasts on twitter. As soon as the post was up (and we sent our emails), we all were posting the announcement on twitter so others knew about it. If you want to know who to follow, I would recommend you go to search.twitter.com and search on the hashtags #WineDineHalf, #WineDineMeetup, #OnTheRoadToDisney, and #RunDisney. All of these hash tags are quite active right now and you can't go wrong following these folks. If you aren't on twitter, there is a Team Run Disney facebook group as well as ATLRunsDisney for those in Atlanta.


Julie Franklin said...

So excited I get to meet you guys! Hmmm who sent that cyptic tweet? LOL. I JUST happened to catch Darrell's tweet...finally. Gonna be a blast!

Kevin said...

Julie - I almost forgot it was you who retweeted that 1st tweet yesterday. Thanks.