Sunday, September 22, 2013

Week in Review

This was a solid week for me. I didn't get in all my planned training, but my recovery from the hamstring strain is moving along steadily.

I managed three runs this week, almost entirely pain free. Saturday's 6 miler was a confidence builder, confirming I am continuing to make progress.

The next phase of my recovery is to build my weekday mileage back up. Before I got injured, I was running 5 to 6 days per week. Before I start increasing my long run, I want to get comfortable running 5 days per week again. I expect to add a 4th day to my running this week, and depending how that goes, add a 5th day in a few weeks.

 As far as planned races, the Silver Comet half will be just another training day. I have no goals for that other then to finish. I am still looking forward to the Wine N Dine, since that race is more about the experience then actually racing. It looks like the Goofy Challenge in January will have to wait. Disney allows runners to defer and I know there is no way I will be ready in time for it.

Right now my training is focused on a race more then a year away. I have only one goal in site, other then staying injury free. I will be an ironman.

Last weeks training:
Tue - Weights (Legs) Run 3
Thu - Run 4
Sat - Run 6
Sun - Ride 60 minute

How did your week go?

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