Monday, April 8, 2013

March Totals and planning out the rest of the year

I know, I know, I am over a week late, but I just have to recap March. March was a spectacular month. I finished my first 50K, attained Marathon Maniac Status (#6820) , and ran the most miles in a single month that I ever have (107). I am feeling stronger then ever when it comes to my running. I still have some ways to go to reach PR paces, but I am finishing many of my runs faster then I started them. I even won a free entry into a sprint tri at the end of the month. Now I just need to work on my swim and bike.

My successes with running long is helping to build confidence and helping shape my schedule for the rest of the year. I have decided to pursue the longer-ish running distances for the year, and use triathlon mostly as cross training and to fill in the slow time during the summer where there aren't many local options for longer races. I won't likely ever give up triathlon, but right now, my heart just isn't in to spending the extended hours on a bike or in the pool that would be necessary to train for an Ironman. This may change next year, but for now I just want to focus on running and have put my goal to finish an ironman on hold.

In addition to the longer distance, I have begun running trails a couple times a week. One thing I know from researching races is that many of these races will be on trails or dirt roads. I am actually finding that I truly enjoy trail running. My county recently opened up several new dual use (mountain bike/pedestrian) trails close to my house, so it is easy to find time to hit the trails. I even leave the tunes at home when I run the trails and just focus on the run and my surroundings. I have even added some local trail races to my tentative schedule for the rest of the year.

Right now, I am signed up for the following:

4/27 - John Tanner Sprint Tri
5/18 - Turtle Crawl Olympic
7/26-7/28 Lake Guntersville TriCamp
11/9 - Disney Wine n Dine Half Mar

Jan 2014 - Disney Goofy

Tentative Races:

5/4 Big Peach Lukemia 5K
5/11 Mountain Man Dam Hard 4/10 Miler Trail Race
7/6 Merril's Mile 12 Hour - Dahlonega (Can either run day or night)
8/17 Area 13.1
9/28 North Face 50K (My B-Day Weekend)
10/12 Frogtown 4/10 Miler (Have always wanted to do this race)
10/19 Mountain Man Trail Half - Buford Dam
10/26 Silver Comet Half (Last chance to pace Cathy for WDW corral placement)
11/28 Tryptophan Half
12/8 Pine mountain 40 Miler

Those in Bold are races Cathy and I have already discussed about both doing. One of the things I have promised to do for her is help pace her to a sub 3 hour half marathon in order to improve our placement at the 2014 Disney Marathon. This year we were in the second to last corral. We would like to be in an earlier corral to give us additional time, including some time to actually stop for photo ops.

March Totals:

Swim:1,010 Meters
Bike: 29 Miles + 2 Spin classes
Run 107 Miles (281 miles for the year)

I am ahead of my goal to run 1,000 miles in 2013. As of tonight, I have run 322 miles. By the end of the week, I will be a third of the way to my goal, around 3 weeks ahead of schedule. My goal right now is to get settle into a weekly mileage to somewhere between 30-40 miles. Last week I ran 33 and expect to run at least that much this week.

I am thinking through some changes to the blog, including a new name. I started this blog to chronicle my journey to becoming a triathlete. I have accomplished that and so much more.

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