Sunday, January 6, 2013

Finishing 2012 Strong and Planning for a Big 2013

After a lackluster year in terms of running and triathlon, I finished off 2012 with my strongest month of training in quite some time. I am starting 2013 highly motivated and ready to train smarter and ready to put the long hours of training in necessary to meet my goals while avoiding injury.

 I followed the calf strain recovery protocol I mentioned in my previous post and I was able to resume running by early November. The key to this protocol was as soon as I was pain free to start running while the calf was still healing to force the muscle to heal stronger then it would have if I didn't run at all. It involved almost two weeks of running the straightaways and walking the curves on the local track. These were the most boring runs I have ever done, but they definitely paid off.

The other thing I have become extremely focused on is flexibility. I own several different products designed to eliminate trigger points. My favorite are the TP therapy rollers and a lacrosse ball. The lacrosse ball is great for getting deep into the glutes and killing those nasty knots. I am using these items almost daily now to ensure I do not get injured.

Since resuming running, I have begun a structured program to build up my running endurance to a level it has never been before. It is based off a modified version of This program on slowtwitch which has gotten much discussion on the beginner triathlete Georgia discussion board. The key to this program is high mileage at a very low intensity. I am running 5-6 days a week with 2-3 two milers, 2 four milers and a weekend long run.
In December, I accomplished something I haven't even come close to before. I ran more then 100 miles that month. Now I am going to continue on rebuilding my running base and building a cycling base that I have not had since I started triathlon in 2007

I have begun finalizing my plans and goals for 2013 which I hope to post soon. I have begun filling in my race schedule (in the bar on the right), which is centered around another trip to Wilmington, NC to seek revenge on my 2009 DNF at the Beach to Battleship Full Iron. We kick off 2013 a week from today with the Disney Marathon. I am running this race with my wife Cathy. This will be her first marathon, and technically my first (not counting the attempt at B2B). Our only goal is to finish and have a great time.

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Matthew Smith said...

I wondered why you were out there killing it with the running, but with a marathon so soon, I get it. You're going to do great down there at Disney! Great schedule, by the way. It's going to be a great year. We may have to do a little training together!