Thursday, October 11, 2012

Who needs a recovery week anyways?

Last weekends long run (15 miles) went ok, but I still have much I need to work on (other then putting the miles in). The first 6 miles were a piece of cake, the next 6 were so-so and the last 3 just plain stunk. The biggest problem I am having is tightness, probably in my quads, which leads to piriformis pain. It feels almost like sciatica, but the pain doesnt run all the way down the back of my leg. The biggest thing I can do to fix this is going to be targeted flexibility, mostly through yoga and regular use of my trigger point roller. This is the only way I am going to control this beast.

This week has been crazy. We started a new challenge on Monday that runs for six weeks, the main goal, with the prize of a much-coveted T-shirt is to climb the equivalent of the Grand Canyon. This is 5,280 Ft, which is roughly 7,950 stairs (or 530 sets of 15 stairs). There are other prizes for going further, but we don't know what they are yet. After the Grand Canyon is Pikes Peak (1,400 sets of 15 stairs), and after that is Mt Everest (3,000 sets). When I decided to join in, I set my sights to the sky high goal of Everest  I started actively taking stair climbing "breaks" on Monday, but really ramped it up on Tuesday, conquering the Statue of Liberty (35 sets), Washington Monument (55 sets), and the Eiffel Tower (105 sets). Between where I am and the Grand Canyon is the Sears Tower (145 sets). Right now I stand at 131 steps, but I have stopped actively climbing the stairs at work until next week. After 91 sets of 15 steps on Tuesday, my calves were screaming. I knew I needed to back off a little, but I had another reason for backing off...

A friend from our tri club posted a message on Facebook on Tuesday looking for help. It turns out she is on a relay team for the Southern Odyssey Relay which is this this weekend. One of their team members had a family member who became seriously ill and needed to drop out. They were doing everything they could to find someone to fill his slot. I messaged her and told her if they couldn't find anyone else to do it, I would be willing to. I've always wanted to do a relay and here is my chance. When their initial replacement also had to drop out, they asked me if I wanted to run it and I said yes.

The race starts 8:30 tomorrow morning (Friday). It begins in Rome, GA and runs north into Chickamauga, including a run in and out of the Chickamauga Battlefield National Park. It then runs south and finishes in Kennesaw. We expect to finish sometime early Saturday Afternoon. I am running three legs, including the finishing leg.

My first run of 5.7 Miles should be sometime just after dark Friday night.

My second leg, the longest one, is either 6.5 or 7.9 (trying to get clarification right now) miles somewhere in the early morning, maybe 3 or 4 AM.

My final leg is about 3.7 miles, the first half uphill, to the finish line. I am looking forward to having a great time at this race.

So instead of running an easy 4 or 5 mile recovery run this weekend, I will be running 17 miles spaced out over about 30 hours. Bring it on!!

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Karen said...

Oh that is awesome! I am always tempted by the relays but it has never worked out schedule-wise for me. Have a great time!