Thursday, October 4, 2012

Where has the time gone?

Time to blow all the dust off my blog. I cant believe I haven't posted anything here since January of last year. Not a whole lot has gone on triathlon-wise. My training has been inconsistent, my motivation lacking, and my weight really hasn't budged much. This must change. I haven't had a great triathlon performance since 2009 when I did my first half iron. It has been nothing but injuries and lack of training, disappointments and DNF's. This will change

2011 had some accomplishments and some disappointments. I started my new job (which I am still at and loving). I even got employee of the year for 2011 and a promotion the beginning of this year. The gym here at work is impressive. They have spin classes, boot camp, and they keep adding new exciting classes. They put on an annual 5K (which I am running tonight), and the previously mentioned Alliance Ride which was how I found out about the company

Mostly due to injury, I got a late start to the triathlon season.  I only did two races.The Peachtree City Sprint. was a great race that I will definitely do again. I had a good time at the race, but only a so-so performance. I also attempted Ironman Augusta 70.3 hoping for some revenge for 2009's walk of death. Unfortunately, this would not be the case.

Shortly after starting my new job, I purchased a new Trek B14, which was a big upgrade from my old bike. I only rode it a few times before Augusta, including the Peachtree City tri. I never expected to have mechanical problems on a brand new bike, but it happened. A spoke came loose on my rear wheel about 10 miles into the ride. With my old bikes, I always carried a spoke wrench. Stupid me thought I wouldn't need it and didn't carry it with me. I waited probably close to an hour for bike support. I got the spoke tightened back on and luckily the wheel really wasn't out of true, so I was able to keep moving on. Unfortunately, the spoke would come loose again two more times, at which point I gave up and caught a ride back in. I was probably out on the bike course for three hours and had made it less then half way through the race. I knew it would be a scorcher that day, so there wasn't much sense pushing on. I have vowed never to return to Augusta, since for me the race is essentially cursed.

Running was the big focus for 2011. Cathy and I trained together for two half marathons: Rock n Roll Savannah, and Miami. Savannah was her first half, so I agreed to run with her for the race. We had a great race in Savannah, even though it was a somewhat cold out. Miami ended up being a 13 mile walk so we could get to the end and see Pitbull perform. Our training had fallen of after Savannah, so my plan of running a PR in Miami was not going to happen and Cathy had not been feeling well. The race sucked, but the free Pitbull concert and a couple of beers was worth the suffering.

After 2011's lackluster triathlon performance, I went into 2012 with very little motivation to train for triathlons. I did one race this year. One of the perks of my company is they do an annual program where you train for the Turtle Crawl tri in Jekyll Island and they will reimburse you for the race entry and hotel stay. I had a great weekend, but a so-so race because I put no effort into my training (seems to be a theme--must change this).

One race I have always wanted to run is the Disney Marathon. When we heard about the special 20th anniversary race, Cathy and I decided to sign up for the full. This will be her first full marathon, and my first (if you don't count the DNF at mile 20 of B2B). Training has been going well, though it started a little slow for me due to (yet another) injury, though this time it wasn't training related. I rolled my ankle standing on the edge of a curb.

I am finally getting to a point where I can run a couple of miles without needing a walk break. I am using Galloway's Disney specific plan, which I adjusted using run/walk so far. I started off on a 3 min run/2 min walk cycle. From there, I progressed to a 4/1 cycle. From here out I hope to mostly use a 1 min walk break after every mile. For Disney, our goal is only to finish. I plan to run with Cathy and essentially run between photo ops. From there, I'll find another marathon a month or so after Disney to run for time.

Before Disney, we are both doing the Atlanta Monster Dash half marathon on the 27th of this month. It sounds like a fun race, with some amazing schwag, including a tech hat when we signed up on Tuesday, a 
full-zip, long-sleeved performance jacket, a belt buckle, and an impressive medal. Looking forward to the race. Haven't decided if it will be for fun or for time, but I will know more after this weekend's 15 miler and the 17 miler in 2 weeks

The best part of 2012 so far was our Alaskan cruise. We went about a month ago out of Seattle and had a great time. We kayaked in one port (our first time in a kayak) and did a bike ride and beer tasting in another. If I ever get around to going through all the photos, I might do a post on it


it's all about pace said...

Glad to hear that you are still going strong...

envious of your gym situation...

Lisa said...

welcome back!

Karen said...

Welcome back! I saw that monster race and was tempted! looks like some pretty great swag.