Tuesday, March 9, 2010

In Like a Lion

So far, March has been an excellent month. I am hoping it continues through the rest of the month and on through the rest of the year. My training continues to focus mainly on running. I am still only doing three, sometimes 4 runs a week. Right now, I am basing it loosely on the FIRST plan. I am trying to build myself up for the 10K first plan, which officially kicks in for me next month. I did my first "tempo" run ever tonight. While it was only a mile at tempo, I really surprised myself. The pace I thought would be my tempo pace ended up being closer to my easy pace for the run. I was shocked that I maintained about a 9 minute mile and my HR was settling in right around/below my LT HR and my breathing was only slightly hard. I probably could have maintained it for longer, but I didnt want to push it too far for the first time. After a slow mile with some walking and stretch breaks,  my last mile came in at what I thought my tempo pace was going to be. Needles to say I was very happy with my run.

Sundays long run was pretty good as well. I had a 6 miler on my schedule. Last weeks 5 miler was so-so, so I wasnt really sure what to expect. I also forgot to take my Garmin with me, which meant I was slightly flying blind. I say slightly because my day to day watch is my polar watch and, I had downloaded an app onto my cell phone (Motorolla Droid) that was able to track my run, though I wouldnt have the data until after the run. The run was nothing short of awesome. I averaged around 10:45/mile which was my fastest run of the year, and this was with 1 minute walk breaks every 1.5 mile. My last mile was the fastest of the run, and the slowest lap was less then a mile slower then the fastest. Since I didnt have my garmin, I dont have any HR data, but I could definitely tell I was staying aerobic and well within  the proper zone for a long run.

I have been on the bike a few times so far this month. I am alternating between the Downward Spiral sufferfest and an easier ride on the weekend which will eventually become my "long" ride on the weekend. For this ride, I have been watching stuff on Hulu, which surprised me with how much stuff is available. One little twist on an easy ride that makes things interesting is that every commercial break (which usually lasts about 15-30 sec) I up the effort and either sprint or climb. It definitely breaks up the monotony.

I will be back in the pool either this week or next. At our tri club meeting last week, Cathy won a free entry into Iron Girl Atlanta, which is in July. This means she has to be back in the pool soon, which means I to will be back in the pool.

I have a 5K on Saturday that I am looking forward to. I need a solid race effort to set my pace levels and better judge my progress. It is on a course I am very familiar with and set my 5K PR on (though I wont be anywhere close to that). My goal is to break, or be really close to 30 minutes. Based on today's tempo run, I really think it is doable. So far this year, my two 5Ks have come in around 35 minutes. I hit the 5K mark in today's tempo at 34:45 and 33:54 during my long run, so sub 30 should really be doable if I push myself and keep my effort level steady yet hard. I wont be anywhere close to my 5K PR of 23:30ish, but at least it could be an improvement of around 5 minutes from my previous 5K races. At this point in March, I feel like I am in better shape then I was all of last year.

Ont the weight loss front, I am down another 1.6 last week, for a total of 6.2 pounds since I started eating right on Feb 23. I am trying to find the old widget I used to use on the blog to track weight loss, but cant seem to find it. If I can keep on this track, I expect some great results this year.


ShirleyPerly said...

Good luck on your 5K, Kevin!

Lisa said...

Have fun at the 5K this weekend.

And good job on the weight loss!

Karen said...

That is awesome, Kevin! Glad the runs are going so well. Have fun on the 5k.

Wes said...

Keep up the good work. I have reached my goal of twenty minutes at tempo pace (sub-9) and it is getting better!

lindsay said...

sounds like everything is going really well! glad to hear it :) love when the tempo runs go well - great boost of confidence.

good luck in the 5k!

Steph Bachman said...

They just cut out the hard fabric (strap?) that was blocking the bunion window. Look at the photos - see how the top one has 2 blue straps and 4 white ones but the bottom one has 1 blue strap and 3 white ones? It's working GREAT!

Hope your race went well!

Caroline said...

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