Wednesday, March 3, 2010

February in Review

February has been a very productive month for me. I am starting to truly enjoy running again. I have seen my pace finally start to come down and my endurance increase.  I am really looking forward to springing the clocks forward so I can run outside somewhere other then my neighborhood. Currently I am doing 3 key runs a week: hill repeats, intervals, and a long-ish run.

My hill repeats start with a mile warm up on the "flatter" roads of the neighborhood. From there I do 4 laps of a 2 hill loop in my neighborhood. Yesterday I headed out in the snow/sleet to do my hill repeats. I felt really good about them. My average pace was 30 seconds per mile faster then the previous week and I felt much more comfortable. The biggest improvement I saw was that I only had to walk for about 30 seconds after cresting the hill before resuming running. This is a definite improvement.

My intervals right now are pretty short. My first two were a 1 mile warmup and then 6 times 1 minute around LT and 3 minutes recovery run or walk. The first time I did this two weeks ago, I did it on the dreadmill. For my runs, I set the dreadmill to 6.5 mph (9:12/mi). Last week, I headed outside to a relatively flat trail and was surprised to find I can actually run faster, and at a lower HR when I do my intervals outside instead of the dreadmill. Plus, I find my recovery includes more running then it did on the dreadmill. I averaged 8:31/mi for the work part of the interval which felt really good. This week's intervals will be 6x 1 min work/2 min recovery. I am looking forward to it.

My longish runs are where I am having my problem. I am having issue with my piriformis causing numbness in my leg/foot. I have found some ways to treat it, but I need to be more consistent with doing the stretches/roller movements. I am really looking forward to running with my running group soon.

I only managed one ride on the bike last month which was the Sufferfest Downward Spiral video, which I also did tonight. It is a tough workout, but I already feel a little stronger.

I have restarted my diet and lost 4.6 pounds last week. I hope to be much lighter by the time I run my marathon in November.

I need to do a review of the bluetooth headphones I picked up. They were well worth the investment

Feb Totals
17.89 Miles
Avg 17.89 mph

34.92 Miles
Average Pace 12:12/mi


ShirleyPerly said...

Nice progress on both the runs and the weight loss! I too find running intervals to be easier outdoors than on a treadmill. Keep up the good work. I'm trying to roll & stretch just twice a week and even that is sometimes seems like such a chore!

teacherwoman said...

Where did February go? OMG!

You are making great progress with your running... and dropping 4.6 pounds last week?! You are amazing! I have pretty much dropped 10 pounds in the last 6 months, but stopped there... struggling to get another 10-15 off. Maybe I need to start journaling again... :)

Here's to a great month ahead!

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Wes said...

I was going to comment, but I got caught up in all the chinese art :-)

Nice job on the running! Marni has been dealing with the same issue. She might have some insight for you.

Since I'm going Ironman in November, maybe we will be able to hook up for some long runs!