Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Training Update

My training continues to go well. I am in my third week of returning to running. Right now, I am doing at least 4 runs a week of 30 minutes. In the two weeks I have been running steadily, I have brought my average pace down by over a full minute per mile. I was finally able to break 12:00/mile average for my 30 minute runs, which right now for me feels like a big step. I have to remember that I have to take things one step at a time and I will be back to where I was a few years ago in not-too-long a time.

One thing I attribute my increased pace is using my foam roller and trigger point kit regularly. For the first week, I had tight calves and lower back pain. I have always known how to treat my calves, but the low back pain was new. The pain was in the muscles on both sides of the back, just above the hips. I discovered the cause of my pain were tight Quadratus Lumborum. After one very painful session with my foam roller, I was able to run without any back pain. I was surprised that my calves were also less tight, even though I hadnt treated them yet. Since then, I have had no back pain. My calves continue to be a little tight, though not as bad.

For my training, I am following Daniel's 5-15K plan. After this week, I will make one of my weekend runs a long-ish run. I am looking forward to adding a little more distance and hopefully getting out to run with the group again. Once I hit 6 weeks, I can finally add some speed back into my training.

This weekend I will be running the Polar Bear 5K. This will be a baseline for me to determine my current VDOT and HR zones. I am looking forward to getting back to racing.

I have taken the Callaway Gardens Sprint Tri off my schedule. I decided the drive down there really wasnt worth it. I am looking to add another tri, potentially an Oly to my schedule. I would love to do Chattanooga, but I would seriously have to save up my pennies to do this race. It's really not an expensive race perse, but I would have to drive up the night before and spend the night in a hotel. There are a couple of "local" olympic's that are within driving distance, so I will just have to see how things go. I have already signed up for my other tri, the Lake Lanier Islands Sprint.


D10 said...

Glad to hear things are going well. Sounds like you are going to have a strong year. Keep up the hard work.

Jon Gilchrist said...

sounds good my man...i hope your runnig continues to improve!

ShirleyPerly said...

Nice job, Kevin! I'm sure you will indeed be back to where you were soon. And having had calf problems last month, I should seriously consider getting one of those foam rollers. They can't be very expensive, I would think.

Good luck at the 5k!

teacherwoman said...

So happy to hear things are going well and things are improving for you!

Good luck this weekend on the Polar Bear 5K!

lindsay said...

glad things are getting better and looking up! i love the typical runner-attitude about "natural" fixes for aches and pains (foam rolling, etc) vs running off to take ibuprofen and get a steroid injection. i'm glad the foam roller and trigger point are helping - those kind of 'massages' hurt so good to me!

Wes said...

Glad to hear that you are back at it. My book sez 60% of your runs should be at AeT or below. I was happy to see 11 minute miles yesterday :-)

If you want to do Chattanooga, come stay at my house and drive up in the morning. I might even sherpa you!

Sherry said...

Running improvment = cause for a celebration in my book! That's great news, Kevin!

Ya know, I would marry my foam roller if Scott would be OK with me taking a 2nd husband. ;p

Seriously, I think 'thrice' daily foam rolling and ice have saved me from extra weeks of ITBS recovery. Things aren't perfect yet, but they sure are a heck of a lot better.

How did the 5K go? Keep up the positive attitude, Kevin!