Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Time to Bring It!

The last week was real quiet. I didnt do much. Laid around, caught up on blogs and played lots of PSP. Well break time is over. The good news is that at least my weight is exactly what it was the week before Ironman.

I attempted an easy run from my house on Sunday. I had no expectations other then see how my legs felt and judge it from there. After a quarter mile, I knew my legs needed more time away from running. I had some pain in the ball of my left foot, which is almost gone now and a little pain in my right knee. I figure I will wait till after Thanksgiving to attempt running again.

In the mean time, I have begun P90X. This week, I am doing a preview week. I wont do my measurements and photos until this weekend and will officially begin week one on Monday. P90X has three defined plans: Classic, Lean, and Double. The Lean has one less day of strength training and skips plyometrics. I was really back and forth about which plan to do. Last night made my decision much easier.

Based on the schedule for week one of the classic version I did Chest and Back. Chest and back is essentially pull ups (or simulated pull ups using bands for us big boys) and push ups. After the second set of push ups, I knew this would be uber tough. I did my best to make it through the program. By the time I was done, I could barely lift my arms above my head. Today I feel sore in lots of places:shoulders, triceps, chest, and abs. The lean program does not include the chest & back routine until week 9, so this gives me some time to build some strength and lose some weight before attempting this again. Another benefit of the Lean program is that it is more open to adding some riding/running into the plan because of the extra cardio days. I am definitely going to replace the Cardio-X with riding/running and I may likely replace the Kenpo-X with riding running as well. Kenpo X is like a karate/kickboxing class, which is interesting, but I would rather get my cardio through triathlon specific training.

Since today would have been either plyometrics or cardio depending on the plan, I decided instead today to get on the bike. I picked up several spinerval videos to help get me through the winter. Tonight, I did Spinervals 4 - Muscle breakdown. It was an interesting workout with a variety of short intervals that mix up both speed and resistance. It was 45 minutes long, which was good enough to break a serious sweat and work the legs pretty good, but not too long to be boring or to overwork my legs. I really enjoyed this one and it definitely will become a staple of my off-season training and has potential for in season as one of several workouts on the bike during the week. I could definitely see myself getting alot stronger on the bike with these, and intervals are also great for burning calories.

Tomorrow is shoulders & arms which should be more doable then chest & back. If today is any indication, I should be super sore on Thursday night. I will try to update my progress as I go forward and will definitely post the measurements and other info next week.


Molly said...

Glad you are feeling good and getting back to exercising! Definitely no need to rush on the running - I've been told to wait 3 weeks after IM before running again!

Stef said...

Staying away from running longer sounds like a solid plan. I've been told it takes the longest to come back around. And I'm living proof that that's true. Lol.

Spinervals sound great! AND glad you are feeling good overall. A very Happy (early) Thanksgiving to you and Cathy.

Lauren said...

Good for you for listening to your body about the running - instead of doing too much too soon.

Good luck with the PX90.

lindsay said...

good luck with p90x!! i actually just started "insanity" this week. i think it's related to p90x, at least through the company that put it together/markets it anyway. it is very insane so far! p90x always looked appealing to me but i know i slack a LOT when it comes to having all those accessories (the bands, weights, pullup bar, etc). it's one thing if it's doing weights at the gym but when it comes to at-home... i slack. anyway, good luck!

Wes said...

Bring it! but remember to tailor it to your needs. I used the Total Gym for my pull ups, and look at me. I'm so manly.... :-)