Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Has it been a month already?

I cant believe it has been that long. I am such a bad blogger. I just havent had the motivation lately. Part of this I think has to do with my training. It just hasnt gone as well as I would have liked. When I am training, I am super tired and just havent had the energy to blog.

The one positive for me right now has been my running. I am finally seeing my running speed/economy improve. It has been a long slow recovery from my ankle sprain.

My cycling is so-so. Most of my long rides have been on Sunday after a long ride on Saturday. Cycling on tired legs has been deceiving for judging my progress. For a variety of reasons I have missed out on opportunities for organized century rides. I had two opportunities to do my first century this weekend. The one on Saturday sounded like an easier course, but things blew up at work Friday and I was stuck there late and I knew it wouldnt work out for Saturday. I knew Monday's option was a hilly one, but figured what the heck, I'll give it a shot. FAIL!

To start off with, the road markings were the number 6 and the top of the 6 pointed in the direction of the turn or no-turn. There were no arrows. Well, after the first turn, there was a series of freshly painted left arrows next to a number 6. So many of us turned. At some point, others turned around. Unfortunately, I ended up in a group that was doing some other ride. I found this out after being about 3 miles off course. I backtracked, and made another wrong turn. Luckily, I had my gps-enabled cell phone to get back on track. Unfortunately, my detour was full of hills.

I almost turned back to go to my car and call it a day, but I decided to push on for at least a while. I got to the turn around for the 20 miler and stopped for a few minutes. I made it to the 20 mile mark (27ish for me) and knew I couldnt go much further. The thing was I think the first/last 20 miles (in my case all 40) were the toughest, but I was now at the back of the pack, and I knew I would have to make it through a tough 20 miles. That and I felt like there was no on the road sag support compared to hearing others stories. So I had some cookies and headed back. In 40 miles there were over 2500 feet of climbing. My knees were so sore.

This week is supposed to be recovery, but based on my schedule, I am going to move that to next week and this weekend I will make my attempt at 100 miles on the silver comet. I was going to do a century ride the following week, but that is one week before IM Augusta and I dont want my legs completely trashed going into it.

I dont know how Augusta will work out. I still have high hopes for a PR as I went 6:36 at SC Half walking almost all the run. The bike course for Augusta is comparable. I think I can maintain close to the same speed as S.C. If I can keep that close and even run something like 12 minute miles I will PR. I dont know that my goal of breaking 6 hrs is still feasible. It will mainly depend on my run performance.

For B2B, my only goal is to have a great time and to finish. I know I can finish in time fairly easily, the only question is how long.

I am already starting to think past the end of this year and what I want to do. I am leaning towards next year being a run focused year with an additional focus on losing weight. I have been totally unsuccessful with weight loss this year and I can feel the difference. I am about half way between my heaviest and my leanest and I want to be back down by my leanest. This will also help me to get back to the running ability of several years ago when I was running 8:30 miles for my long runs. I would also like to take a stab at some ultra marathons.


Ryan said...

Yikes! Kevin's talking crazy now: Ultras?

B2B will be my 3rd IM distance race in 9 weeks (ouch). We may be like the Thelma and Louise of Wilmington ;-) as we make our way through downtown in the dark daring each other to do wacky stunts.

Kevin, I dare you to ....

Shannon said...

I get the blogging blues as well. Sometimes there is just nothing going on interesting to blog about. It's always interesting to hear about your training journeys.

Maybe 10' is the year to get your Spin Certification..... :)

Wes said...

I have a 3 hour ride on Sunday. I was thinking of going out to Silk Sheets, but if you want some company on the way out, or the way back, let me know, and I can switch to the Silver Comet instead. I need to be at my son's game by 1 PM off of Delk Road...

lindsay said...

i get bloggy and training blues every now and then too... no worries. i won't delete you from my google reader unless you disappear for like a year (and i actually check into who hasn't updated in awhile) :)

hang in there with the training and get yourself pumped for augusta - not too much longer now, right?

Stef said...

Hope you got your century done like you wanted this weekend.

I sooooo get the lack of motivation thing -- as you know from your awesome comments on my blog. Thanks for those. :-)

It's hard to push through sometimes no doubt but you're doing it! B2B will be awesome for you! Can't wait to read about it!

teacherwoman said...

I am glad your running is going well now that you are recovering from your ankle issues. Great goal for B2B!

ShirleyPerly said...

Sorry to hear that other century ride course didn't work out. My first-ever century ride was also poorly marked and poorly supported. Luckily, no one got hurt as I doubt there was anyone to help if it was needed.

But re: motivation, I think everyone's wanes from time to time. I know if I were training on my own w/o a coach I'd be having a lot harder time staying on track. Perhaps it's not too late to consider getting one?

Sherry said...

OK, how in the world did I miss this post. I usually jump on any post that you make when you 'return' to blogland!

Seriously though, for some reason I thought you were doing the SC Half and NOT Augusta!!! OK, we MUST catch up, Kevin!!!!

Keep up the great work... your focus lies with B2B, so keep your eye on the prize!!!!