Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Kick Arse Long run

Since I wore myself out doing my husbandly sherpa duties Sunday morning, I was in no shape to run Sunday night. Since I took Sunday off, where Monday is usually my off day, I decided I would do it Monday night after work. I knew it would be hot, but at least it would be under 90 degrees.

When I got off work, I headed off to the Roswell Riverwalk, my new favorite place to do my long runs. It is a 3-4 mile trail with a big park right in the middle of it. The trail varies from concrete to asphalt to packed gravel. The best part is that the majority of it is shaded. Truly a great place to run.

After a quick stop at the gas station to fill up and get some cold water and gatorade, I got to the park. I filled up my fuel belt with cold water and had a few sips of gatorade and stuck both bottles into one of those grocery store hot-cold bags. That was a really smart thing to do as my water stayed cold the whole two hours. I headed out towards the one end and about a quarter mile in I realized I left my Ipod in my car where it could be visible to anyone walking by. I probably could do without it, but I didnt need it getting stolen. After grabbing my ipod and refilling my first bottle, I was off again. I made it to the other end and back and I was feeling great (other then a rush to the bathroom. Thankfully the bathrooms at the park are super clean compared to most other public parks). I went out and back on the other end with no issues (other then another potty stop). Other then mile 8 which involved some walking due to abdominal issues, I kept a fairly steady pace. I took walk breaks every mile and still managed to average 11:49 which is one of my fastest runs since my sprain and my fastest longest run since then. I finished 9 miles in 1:46.

I am now seriously considering moving my long runs to mid week. I remember reading ,I believe,in the book "Going Long" that the authors recommend not doing your long run and long ride both on the weekend. Other then making some adjustments to my diet on the long run day so that my stomach is empty, I dont see any reason why I cant do my long runs during the week.

With Saturday's long ride, I have broken 1000 miles on the bike for the year. It was also my biggest month in terms of bike miles so far at 390 miles.

Swim 19,700--81,400
Bike 390--1049
Run 48--208

I am definitely looking at well surpassing my milage from previous years

Today, I finally found a pair of Wide Tri shoes and have ordered them. I have had issues with pain in the side of my foot as it swells. Lake actually makes wide tri shoes and I am looking forward to more comfy tri shoes. Because the site I ordered them were offering 20% off if you spent 150, I also got a great deal on a pair of 2xu compression sleeves. From what I understand, these can actually be warn in the water and/or under a wetsuit so you dont have to worry about getting them on in transition for a long race. I will have to review them when they come in.

I have been using Oxysox for several months and find myself wearing them much more often now that I am training for the ironman

If you have a chance, you should visit Chic Runner's Blog as she is giving away a $75 Zensah Gift Cert. Zensah is a maker of great compression gear and other athletic apparel.


Wes said...

Let me know how you like those Lake tri shoes. I ALMOST bought me some of those before I went with my discontinued Nike tri shoes (which are really nice too).

Ya know, Elizabeth always had me do my long runs on a Wednesday, and I had to start my runs on some mornings before 5:30 AM (I think). It IS a good idea if you can swing it.

I'm wearing my 2XU compression sleeves for the second time I bought at the Iron Girl Expo. They make me FEEL HAWT :-)

teacherwoman said...

Wow! nice stats, Kevin! wahoo!

A couple years ago, when I was increasing my mileage and trying to encorporate biking (for the first time) I did my long runs midweek... Wednesday's. There was just something about doing them wednesdays and then being able to get in a nice ride on the weekend!

D10 said...

I have been hearing some nice things about the Oxysox, i really need to get me a pair of them.

I say if you can move a long run during the week than go for it. I do both a long run and ride on the weekends due to time constraints, but I rather run long during the week.

Jess said...

Nice job on the long run!