Monday, June 8, 2009

Bag Balm is da bomb

So week 2 of my Beach 2 Battleship 24 Week plan is in the books. Overall, it was a very productive week of training. So far I feel good with only the occasional little aches and pains. I have had a decent amount of energy.

This week, I did have one setback. I have been spending alot of time on the bike (relative to where I had been). Apparently, I forgot one day to use either body glide or chamois butt'r. BIG MISTAKE. Ended up with a saddle sore. This has made it painful to ride this week. With lots of Neosporin, I am nearly healed. As I was doing some research, I think I found something that works for me better then Body Glide and costs less:Bag Balm not only does it work well as a lubricant, but it also helps heal saddle sores and chafing. Sure, its made for cows, but it seems to work great. The only warning is that because it is petroleum based, it may break down certain fabrics quicker.

Saturday, I broke out the road bike to do a ride with Cathy. For me, this would be an easy recovery ride. I found that riding upright on the road bike was a little less painful then riding in the aero position on my tri bike. We drove out west and met one of her co-workers (and family) all the way in Rockmart. Normally, when I ride the silver comet, I ride towards rockmart and back. It is a good thing I normally ride this direction, because there is an awesome italian restaurant in downtown Rockmart that is known by all the cyclists. Frankies has awesome breadsticks and great pizza. I defintely ate my share of breadsticks for lunch that day. I had to reload the carbs for my long run that evening ;-).

After getting home and taking a short nap, I headed out for my scheduled 50 minute long run. As per my plans, I took walk breaks after every mile. I felt really strong throughout the run. My pace continues to come down while my heart rate is staying relatively low. It feels great to finally be making progress. IT is so weird how for months I felt like I was getting no where in terms of running and then wham! It just started clicking. Part of it may also be my focus on running at a lower heart rate.

Overall, my swimming continues to be decent. My long swims are averaging just over 2 minutes per 100M. Compared to last year, this is a little slow, but I know I will get faster as I take some weight off.

I have two weeks till my first race of the season, the Callaway Sprint Tri. This will be my second year doing this race. I really dont expect to be super fast since my running is slowly coming back and I havent been doing any speed work. My plan for the race is haul butt on the swim. Hammer the bike and try to pace myself on the run. Last year I came out of the water with the fastest time in the clydes, but lost it on the bike. If I can repeat the swim and hammer the bike, maybe just maybe I can hold the competition off on the run or at least place this time.

Well, I need to be getting to bed as I have a Looong day tomorrow


Jonathan Collins said...

Bag balm is the bomb. I've always used that.

BTW, after you put in on your shorts a few times, a layer will build up and you won't need to put any on.

Ryan said...

My junk is so callosed that I don't need Bag Balm :-) but I still use Chamois Buttr. But more importantly here is what I do immediately after riding. I wipe the WHOLE AREA using a wet wipe soaked in a solution of 50% witch hazel and 50% rubbing alcohol. It is a cool and sanitary relief and really stops potential sores from getting worse.

Just something to think about.

Glad to see you are putting good time in on the bike because it will pay off huge in the B2B.

D10 said...

You are doing great with the training. You have plenty of time to rev everything up and build speed. Keep working hard and being smart about your training, it will all pay off.

Chris said...

Hey Kev,
You know, I've never had a problem in that *cough* uhmm department, at least in as far as chaffing or saddle sores and I've always wondered what the deal with the balm was..... Maybe I should try some jus to see what I am missing. :-)

Sounds like your training is really coming along nicely and especailly the run and your HR. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your training and progress.

Jess said...

I've never heard of Bag Balm. Huh.

ShirleyPerly said...

Ha, I thought you really meant that Bag Balm is made from cows, not *for* cows. But whatever works!

Wonderful to hear the running is coming along. A friend of mine has been having dreaded IT band symptoms lately. Good to hear there's hope for her at any moment.

Steph Bachman said...

Ha! I've sworn off all anti-chafe remedies because they give me MORE saddlesores. It's funny how everyone is different.

I'm glad your running is clicking. : )

Wes said...

I've never been a big fan of body glide or butt butter, but GAWD do I need too :-)

Glad the running is coming back and I'm looking forward to seeing you in Pine Mountain!! Wanna swing by and pick me up? LOL...

Lauren said...

Glad to see your running's improving. I haven't tried bag balm. Of course, I haven't ridden in forever. LOL

Good luck this weekend.