Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Finally out of the funk

I am finally getting out of the funk cause by the stomach bug. I was in the garage on the bike for about 2 hours, but only rode a total of 1 hour. I spent the rest of the time dialing in my fit.

WARNING:Techie Tri Geek Stuff Ahead

I had an aha moment recently when watching some YouTube videos. There are two great sources of info for triathletes on YouTube. has many videos there starring former Ironman world champions. The other great one is Mark Evans coaching. I have downloaded many of them to my ipod for viewing on the go.

I was watching a few of them when I came across one on "Maximizing the Aero Position"

I took away some key points I hadnt previously understood well.

1. 85% of your weight should be on your sit bones on the seat and no more then 15% on your arms.
2. Ideally your aero pads should be about 1-3 inches lower then where your butt sits on the seat. But, if you have tight hips like I do you can actually keep them parallel
3. You shouldnt be bending too much at the hips because you can close them too much and change the muscle utilization patterns.

I had been having a few problems with my position.
1.Too much weight on my arms/shoulders
2.My legs moving in a V instead of straight up and down. This is due to my chronically tight hips
3.some issues with my achilles I think has to do with #2

So I raised my base/aero bars up and bang I was better able to keep my weight on my butt, my legs moved in a straight line and I felt so much more comfortable. I also dropped my seat about a half inch because even though I had the little bit of bend in my knee and I didnt feel I was reaching, I felt I needed to bring it down a little more. My legs felt better in this position. I have a leg length descrepancy and I think the height had been right for my longer leg and my shorter leg had to reach a little

So with these adjustments, I think I may have finally dialed in my perfect fit. Now I just need to work on increasing my cadence from 80 to about 90 and to work on the proper pedal stroke

So I think I have my position pretty well set. I will go with this position this weekend at the Time Trial. As I continue to do yoga and hopefully loosen up my hips, I can lower the bar back down and get a slightly more aero position.


akshaye said...

Kevin.. Glad you are feeling better! Wow.. you really did work on that fit. Good job.

Shannon said...

Thanks for the resource, I'll definitely check it out.

Always push those hips back on the saddle!

Wes said...

Beware those generalizations when it comes to fit. That's why going to somebody that knows what they are doing is so important.

Ryan said...

I think a good fit changes as your fitness progresses, you will be able to sustain a much more aggressive position in October than you are able to right now.

I have a picture of Torbjorn Sindballe and Bjorn Anderson hanging next to where I keep my bikes just to remind me of where I want to get to in terms of Aero vs. Power.

Glad you are feeling better.

Oh, I'm glad you brought it up...I didn't want to but now that you did, when I came up behind you in Chattanooga I really wanted to tell you to tuck your knees in. They were out there so far I was amazed you were going the speed you were.

Tuck in those knees, get aero, and happy training!

ShirleyPerly said...

I'm glad you are out of the funk and hope to be there soon myself. Hope the new bike fit works for you. Look forward to hearing how your TT goes.

Karen said...

Buh-bye funk!

Chris said...

Hey Kevin..... How's the yoga going? I'm looking at a local class and was wondering how it was going for you.

Viv said...

Hey Kev glad you are feeling better and can get back to the tri life. Thanks for the video . i had a great fit done who fits many of the pros in my area, but the resting on the aero bars is one i am def guilty of at times.

Tat said...

Glad you are feeling better and ready to rock! Tat

Xenia said...

Since I'm not a cyclist, I had no idea about that. Thanks for the info. But what is proper pedal stroke? Might be good to know for my spin class.

Gotta Run said...

great video Kevin. This is something Scott and I are trying to adjust rather than pay someone to fit us on our bikes.

Sara Cox Landolt said...

Hey, thanks for this post and resource, I'm checking it out now.