Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Training is going smashing

Well, at least I have one thing to be especially happy about today. My training is going smashing.

On Sunday, I was able to run 3 miles without a single walk break. Yes, my HR was still a little higher then it should be at this point in training and I am averaging over 10 minute miles, but I was able to run it without walking. It was my fastest run since rolling my ankle in October. All this smart training is paying off.

Today, I had my hardest and longest swim training ever (or at least since HS since I dont really remember my swim team workouts). IT was 2800 Meters altogether with a main set of 4 Times (200 Moderate,2*75 Sprint). By my 4th set, my arms were toast. Then, I had to do a stinkin 400M Kick. I hate kick sets, especially long ones. I was happily surprised when I got home and looked through my logs that this was my longest. I already knew it was my hardest. While I had decent swims last year, this year I am trying to increase my yardage and quality of my swims so that I can take further advantage of my swim. I am really liking the Swim Workouts in a binder. It has a good variety of workouts and distances to keep things interesting.

Saturday morning, we headed to the gym for an indoor spin class. With temps in the teens, there was no way I was venturing outside to ride. Mila's class is killer and it was great because lots of folks from the Tri Club showed up. I ended up doing 75 minutes of spin and a quick half mile run off the bike.

Looking at my logs for 2008, this will be my first solid month of training probably since July. I continue to use the Trigger Point torture kit several times a week. Last night was the first time the quad roller didnt hurt like heck. This is definitely a sign of progress. I really look forward to this being a strong year.

Depending on how the weather looks next week, I hope to finally get my run and ride LT tests in. Worst case scenario, I may postpone my bike test until the Tundra Time Trial race on Feb 14th.


ShirleyPerly said...

Wonderful to hear your training is going well!

I hope to be able to resume a more rigorous swimming routine. Does that TP kit come with instructions on what you're supposed to do with them?

Danielle in Iowa said...

GEtting running again after coming off an injury is always a PITA - I have to stop myself from overdoing it since mentally I want to be doing more!

Spinning always seems so much more torturous than riding - I don't think I could handle 75 minutes!

Wes said...

That's awesome dude! I am glad that your body is responding!!

D10 said...

Great news. Keep it up Kevin.

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Great job with your training! You are off to a great start.

Duane said...

That is grrrrreat!

Chris said...

Hey.... congrats Kevin!

I'm with you in kick sets! Owww. the burn!

Great to hear that you are being able to get back into training without any additionla setback!

sRod said...

Great to see you out there kicking ass again. Any 4am wake up calls yet?