Saturday, January 31, 2009

6.68 Miles

That is how many miles Map My Run says I ran today. It feels great to get back over the 6 mile mark. And why am I going by map my run you ask? And why 6.68 Miles? It is another one of my funny training mishap stories

I charged my Garmin last night and I went to turn it on this morning and it was dead. I pulled it off the charger last night when it was done. Apparently it must have turned itself back on when I pulled it off the charger and it was completely dead!! I have noticed it will someitmes turn on after syncing.

Then, this was my first run back with my running peeps the Windward Road Runners. I looked at the route online quickly last night, but I didnt print it out. Normally, they would have copies of the route available. I dont know if they were still doing that or not, but I didnt have a copy. I stayed with the main group probably for the first 3 miles, but backed up as my RPE/Breathing went up, especially on the hills. This was an interesting as it was the first run in a really long time that all I used was a stopwatch. I think I may cover my garmin (or change screens) at times to only see HR or not even that, so that I can better train myself to run at the proper intensity only by feel. It was just great to get back and run with the folks I hadnt seen since October.

So back to the story. At some point, I fell far enough behind that I lost track of the main group. Luckily there were some behind me who I thought were also doing the 6 miler. As we hit a certain point, I realized they were doing more then 6. Turns out, they were doing 12. So I backtracked a little and made it back to the start. I think my pace was somewhere around 11 minutes per mile, which is slow, but the course is hilly. Through base training, I plan on keeping my long runs around 6 miles until I can get them back under 10 minutes and keep my HR below low Z3.

Training has been going really good. I continue to train by HR. My goal is to stay in Z1/2 right now based on my guesstimated max HR (based on training/racing), ventilatory Threshold (When it get noticeably hard to breathe and I can only get out 1 or 2 words per breath), and RPE. Based on all my reading during this so important extended base period of Ironman training, I need to build my aerobic endurance and enhance my bodies ability to burn fat for energy. I have added a little speed work and my meterage this month was almost its most. I will begin slowly adding some speed work to my cycling training in the next few weeks. Running will all be easy and LSD until I feel like my running fitness has returned to where it was last season. I have been doing lots of trigger point therapy and stretching. I have also picked up the The Athlete's Guide to Yoga: An Integrated Approach to Strength, Flexibility, and Focus by Sage Rountree. It is a really well written book and gives detailed instructions on each yoga pose and gives instructions on creating sets to address a variety of problems. These are my keys to training smarter

I have been doing well at not missing any training, unless I feel like I need a rest day. I rode 90 minutes on Sunday watching Run Fatboy Run. I could watch that movie a hundred times and still enjoy it. I think it may be time to break out the Lord of The Rings DVD as my trainer rides are getting longer. Going to School on Sunday afternoons is cramping my ability to get outside to ride on Sunday since it is so dang cold and I would have to get up super early to ride on Sunday. It is either that or I miss out running with the group to ride on Saturday. I figure I am ok right now training indoors since I am only base training. As soon as it warms up, I will move my training outside.

Monday, I ran an easy 3. I felt like I could have kept going, but I dont want to push it. Tuesday was a 2800M swim whose emphasis was force. This meant lots of pulls using the paddles. My arms were truly tired after that set. There were no real issues at the pool, but I did have to wait 20 minutes for a lane.

I took wednesday off because I was completely exhausted. Things have been super busy at work. That combined with a heavy workload of homework is turning my brain to mush.

Thursday I was on the trainer for a easy 1 hour ride.My rides have been mainly in the big chainring, keeping my cadence over 80, and my HR low. I have been averaging about 18-20 mph and trying to keep my HR in Z2 or less.

Friday we were back in the pool, and I had to make somewhat of a scene. Two guys who had not been waiting as long as I had tried to take a lane that opened up. I told him that Cathy and I were there first and he backed off. I had a 70 minute swim set to complete and I didnt want to wait forever for a lane. Friday's set was a 2900M endurance set. All my swims are coming from Swim Workouts in a binder.

Tomorrow will be a 90min-2 hr ride depending on when I can get it in. If I get up early enough, I will ride in the AM. Otherwise, I will ride tomorrow evening.

January Totals
Swim 20,350 Meters
Bike 108.36 Miles + 2:15 of Spin (2 Classes)
Run 29.18 Miles
Trained 24 Days (1 Double), Off 7 Days


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Good job with your training. I had to run without my garmin a few times this week and estimated by distance. it's hard to run without it!

Jess said...

Despite the mishaps, it sounds like it was a good run!

Shannon said...

Sounds like your doing sound training. Your on your way and listening to your body if you need rest. Not having your Garmin?!@*&^ would be frustrating for me too......

D10 said...

You are doing a really nice job with the training. Seems like lots of bloggers are starting to do the HR training.

ShirleyPerly said...

Nice job getting out there and fitting things in with work & school. I wish more people would be at my pool. It's been pretty lonely swimming by myself.

Chris said...

You know, Kevin, there is a LOT to be said to listening to your body. Kudos for making it a priority. I know that I have many times trained when I knew I really should just have taken a rest day. Even if it meant two rest days in on e week. I firmly believe that if we listen close enough, out bodies will tell us exactly what they need and when.

I'm trying to make this a priority for me this season and so far I have seen good results and some strong numbers during longer hard efforts on the bike and at the track.

I'm glad that your back in the "swing" on your training. I'm sure it has taken some stress off of you..

Calyx Meredith said...

Oh yay - isn't Sage great? I get her yoga podcasts too. I think it's helped with my IT band stuff. the fact that she is not only a yoga teacher but a world class triathlete herself really makes a difference. Great job getting everything in!

Wes said...

My Garmin was doing weird things like that too! You might want to reset it. Mine eventually stopped doing it, but it was frustrating! Have you upgraded the firmware recently? That might help! Great training bro!! I am looking forward to continuing on with my yoga. Great choice!

Karen said...

Thank God you found your way back - Cathy would have had to organize a search party!

Mendy said...

You are sticking to your training so well! Congrats, and keep up the good job.

akshaye said...

Awesome job.. did you not get that Garmin recently? Maybe there is some way to make sure it does not turn on like that

Stef said...

Kevin you are kicking a$$ I am so happy for you and proud of you. Cathy must be as well -- I had to smile when you had to make those guys back off of the lane so you and she could get your workout done.

I may check out Sage's book -- haven't wanted to take a yoga class necessarily but it would be cool to do at home.

J~Mom said...

Your training is going so well!!! Keep up the great work!

sRod said...

Great to see you ramping up again.