Monday, November 17, 2008

Tonight's workout brought to you by the internet

Tonight was my first night of strength training. After researching through various books and articles, I have begun to hammer out my training plan for the next few months. I plan on trying to do strength training 5-6 days a week and including yoga/stretching/foam rolling as many of those days as possible

Tonight's workout came almost exclusively from the internet. It kicked my butt tonight.

I started out with the initial test for the 100 Pushup challenge from I was able to hammer out 10 perfect pushups which was the same amount I was able to do the last time I tried to start out on this.

Then, I moved on to "Functional Training for Swimming" found in Vol 2 Issue #4 (pp 14-20)of NSCA Performance Training Journal which can be found at This one really kicked my butt. It was a total body workout that used only an elastic training band and a 8lb medicine ball. My plan is to do this one twice and do "Resistance Training for Cyclists" found in Vol 1 #5. I may add other exercises here and there. In Vol 7, #2 there is an article titled Training Tips to Help Triathletes Reduce Overuse Injuries. I may add some of the exercises in from this one.

Then, two or three days a week, when I am not doing the other weight/resistance training, I will be doing core work. I havent decided 100% which plan I will use. I am deciding between a plan from NSCA PTJ and one found at I am leaning to the D3 one since it seems to be more comprehensive and includes exercises both on and off the ball.

I also did some stability training on my Wobble Board

Once I finished my strength training, it was time to wind down with some Yoga. I found a great video podcast, YOGAmazing which can be found on ITunes or at Tonight I did the Yoga for Triathletes program that was about 20-25 minutes long. It wasnt to technical a program, though I did struggle through a couple of poses. They also have episodes for runners, cyclist, leg, back, neck/shoulder, etc. Definitely a great resource and you can take it with you on your video Ipod.

Once I showered, I recovered with a big glass of Chocolate Soy milk. Cathy and I have been phasing out the meat, and now most dairy and going to a more vegetarian diet. The more we read about the health benefits and all the lowsy chemicals in our food, the more we are being extra careful about what we eat. I dont miss the meat at all. I have found so many great ways to cook tofu and a variety of veggie goods. I really enjoy cooking. If it wasnt so costly in both time and money, I might have even considered opening up my own restaurant.

Well I should probably get off to bed now. For those of you who have offered advice re: fitting. If I dont get positive results going back to Roswell Bikes where I bought the bike (and get free fittings). I will definitely go to Curtis. I didnt want to take the bike in until I had replaced the base bar I bent in SC, but I didnt have a chance to do that yet. No sense gitting fitted and having to realign the aeor bars once I put them on the new base bar.The fitting I got at Roswell was very thorough. They even swapped out the stem to one with a different angle to get the right fit. Part of the problem is that as my knees come towards my chest, they naturally flare out to the side. I cannot keep my knees together and bring them to my chest. I dont know if it is a tightness, or if that is how my hips were formed. Oh well. So hopefully they can get me dialed in to a slightly more aggressive position as well.


D10 said...

Thanks for sharing the links. I am going to check out the yoga site. A nice glass of chocolate soy milk after a good workout is the best.

Jess said...

I'll have to check out that yoga link, thanks!

Wes said...

Curts said my left knee was flaring as well. You know what he told me to do to fix it? Replace the insoles in my shoes. I had some of those heat moldable custom orthotics left from Sof Sole. I don't know if it helped or not, but I made it!!

Have fun with the strength training! You will be primed and ready to go next season!! I am starting to get a wee bit antsy for my off month to get over :-)

Marcy said...

Oooo they sounds pretty good! You know, I'm gonna have to rip off some of those linkys as well ;-) Thanks Kev!

akshaye said...

Hope the bike issue gets sorted out.

Vegetarian food is great. I am not completely off meat, but when I cook its mostly vegetarian

Viv said...

Great links and serious workouts they will surely prepare you for your return.