Sunday, November 16, 2008

Falling Apart and Tweaking Next Year's plans

While I am not actually falling apart, I sure feel like it.

I saw the doctor on Thursday. My sprain is healing well. It should be fully healed within a month. However, as I suspected, I have achilles tendonitis in my other leg. I suspect this is partly due to my bike fit. I didnt have a chance to get in to get re-fitted, so I may try some slight adjustments until I can get into the shop. I wont even attempt to get back on, however, until the pain is gone. he also diagnosed my shoulder pain as bursitis.

Both of these injuries were brought on over time. He suspects with the right precautions I should be 100% within a month. The important thing, and what I am going to focus on for the next month is strength training. Based on his recommendations and several articles and books I have read, these injuries tend to be caused by (other then overtraining) muscular imbalances and/or a weak core.

I am going to use a combination of information from several sources to devise my routine. In the last issue of Inside Tri, there was a good general strength/core training article. I also found several really good articles with specific weight/strength training for swimming, biking, and core. They can be found Here. I have found lots of good information and training tips reading those NSCA Performance Training journals. The swim specific stuff addresses my symptoms specifically and how important strength training is to prevent these injuries in the future.

My focus will be mostly stability ball exercises using an exercise ball as well as a medicine ball. I do have a set of free weights, but I doubt I will use them too much. I will also resume the pushup challenge once my shoulder pain is gone.

I am going to take the next month really easy as far as training. I may start running again in the next couple of weeks. The doc kept telling me I could keep training as long as I worked to prevent these problems in the future. The only real restriction he put on me was to stay on even surfaces when running. Until I feel 100%, I will definitely stick to the dreadmill. I wont get back on the bike until my achilles feels good, and I am not sure about swimming. I have to be as close to 100% as possible in 4 weeks because Cathy and I are taking a cruise and I want to be able to enjoy it all without any aches or pains.

As far as next season, I have begun to make some adjustments. My plans still aren't 100%.

1.I will definitely be doing the Chattahoochee Road Runner 10K on March 7th. This is a super fast almost all downhill 10K. Definitely a PR making race

2.As far as ING, the marathon is off. I may still do the half, but I am not certain

3.If there is another Lifetime Fitness indoor tri, I will definitely do that that is somewhere around april.

4.On Memorial Day, I will most likely do the Celebrate America 5/10K - though this may depend on #5

5.Rock n Roll Half Iron - Macon GA. Since I will not be able to build up to the marathon in March (ING), I thought it might be a good idea to do a spring half iron instead. This one is less then 2 hours away, so I could drive down on race day if I had to. This is why I am in no rush to get back to training right away. I need to sit down and plan out the calendar, but 20 weeks of training should start right around January 1. Plus, I want to try out the Half Iron training plan in this month's Triathlete mag. It is designed for those with limited time. The only day that doubles up is one day during the weekend and it rotates which two sports. Since this will be right during my last quarter of School, two-a-days may be a little rough. Plus, it looks like Steph and Doug will be doing this one as well.

6.June 21- Callaway Sprint- I did this one last year and it was Cathy's first tri. It is a super speedy, really short course. I came out of the water in first place in the clydesdales and lost it all on the bike. I am really looking to go out there and go out strong on the swim and hold it up on the bike now that I have the tri bike and am much stronger on the bike.

7.July 4- Peachtree RR - What got me into running, worlds largest 10K. Nuff said

8.July 12? - Chattanooga Olympic - I really enjoyed this race as my first olympic-distance. I want to see how much better I can do this year with a tri bike and a stronger core. The bike course is hilly, but at the SC 1/2 I felt really good on the bike.

From here my schedule gets a little dicey depending on which way I decide to go

Part of me wants revenge on the S/C 1/2 IM course. But I'd also like to try a new one. I am seriously considering Miami Man (November 8th) for several reasons. We could travel home and see family. The race is totally flat. Plus, you get to run through the Miami Metro Zoo. Plus, there is an International Distance race, so Cathy might be interested in doing that one. Also, this would allow me to start my Half training a little later and give me more time to recover from the RnR Half. The only bad thing about this date is that it is the day after IMFL 2009. As of right now, I am gung-ho about IMFL 2010. This year, the registration didnt fill until the Tuesday morning after. I may just have to have someone else sign me (and hopefully Cathy?) up by then.

Assuming I do Miami Man, the silver comet half marathon will likely be out since it will be the week before the 70.3. This also eliminates most fall marathons. I would be looking at early spring for my first marathon. Most likely I would shoot for 2 in the spring, one early one late and then it would be all IM training.

I also need to try and fit in a century ride or two this year. I know the Beautiful Backroads Century in Late September is always a good one

I froze my fingers off this morning doing my sherpa duties as Cathy ran another 5K. While I was waiting, I met Danielle who was riding the course doing medical support and Tat who was doing the half.Cathy set a new PR which is especially great considering, like me, her training has been hit or miss for awhile. The good thing is, with me coming back from injury, I can train with her and start helping her build the necessary strength and endurance.


akshaye said...

Glad the healing is going well. I hope you feel great within a month. The core workouts will help.

I like your calendar for next year. I am definitely planning on doing the ING.

D10 said...

Glad to hear you are on the mend. Sounds like you have a good plan of action. You will come back stronger I am sure.

Your schedule for next year looks full yet fun. Congrats to Cathy on her PR.

Jess said...

I'm sorry you're suffering from so many injuries, but you have the right attitude: Take the necessary time off, heal, learn from the injuries, and adjust the immediate schedule. In 6 months, you'll be back in fightin' form!

Viv said...

I am happy that you are recovering slowly but recovering. You have great plans for the future so healing correctly will be crucial on coming back stronger, right.
Listen to the Dr. and try to keep positive as you are.

off to google miami man

ShirleyPerly said...

You're too young to be falling apart! No, seriously, often people do go through spells where they feel like that is happening. I went through a couple myself this year: signs of PF at the beginning of the year, followed by a bad bike crash in Feb, then a hammy pull in July. It seemed that I spent most of the year trying to piece together some semblance of training to get through my races (I'd already paid for them and booked all the travel!).

Stay positive. That cruise is a great incentive to get healthy again. I might have to try that too someday :-)

Wes said...

knowing what you need to do is most of the battle! Sounds like great plans to get to 100% and for next year. Congrats to Cathy on her PR!! She is coming along nicely!!!

Jonathan Collins said...

I'm doing a few of those races: Macon and Chattanooga

Only issue with Miamiman is it makes for a long season.

Also, go see Curtis for a bike fit. Let me know if you need his number.

Tat said...

It was great to meet you. Congrats to your wife!

Steph Bachman said...

Way to go Cathy! : )

I completely agree with Jonathan on calling Curtis for a bike fit. He is local and fast and reasonably priced. I'm so much more comfortable on the bike with the fitting.

I'm looking forward to RNRman with you! Could I talk you into Beast of the East?

Nick said...

Injuries suck. Just keep persistently pursuing the root cause and give yourself time to heal. Now (off season) is the best time to work through them. Just my 2 cents ... I start short next season and build to a late season half (SC or Augusta) instead of going long early. This may work better with a periodized aproach to training.

Karen said...

Welcome back! Sounds like you have a good plan. Don't overdo it and you should be fine. Congrats to your wife on the 5k - Rock on Mrs. Kevin!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

My knee problem also is caused by muscle imbalances. I'm going to be consistent about going to the gym from now on. First to fix my problems, then to prevent recurrence.

Best wishes to you.