Friday, September 26, 2008

Its almost time

Head shaved...check
Bike cleaned and lubed...check
Nutrition bought, planned out, and ready to go...check
Goggles test...check
Wetsuit swim tested...check
Car gassed up...check

It is almost time to race. We are heading out of here tomorrow around noon. We have to drop the dogs off at the vet around 11AM and then we can come home and pack the car.

I was back and forth about using the wetsuit. I decided to walk over to the neighborhood pool and test it out. I had bought it at the beginning of this season, but only swam in it for the first ows of the seasob. I tried it out and it fit will. I practiced getting in and out of it.My only slight concern is that the zipper might unzip slightly.

I practiced flying mounts and dismounts. I have decided I will put my cycling shoes on in T1, but will take my feet out of my shoes in T2. No flying mounting of the bike. When trying to run and mount it, i didnt get on fast enough and stubbed my toe. I will probably still fly off the bike as I have done that previously with shoes on.

While at work today, I wrote out my specific nutrition plan based on training. I am feeling pretty good about it. I just hope I can get more down during the run.

I am really looking forward to the race. I will be wearing a couple of "lucky" items on the run. I am going to wear my new socks I won through the Endurance Sports Bar and my new headsweat visor I just got in the mail today from the Quadrathlon weight loss challenge. I am hoping the luck I had in winning both those items will rub off on my run.

I cant wait to see all my fellow blogger peeps out there racing hard.



Sherry said...

Sending HUGE well wishes and positive vibes your way! I hope you have a wonderful race! I plan on stalking the race results... :o)

Good, GOOD luck to you, Kevin... and most of all... enjoy the day that you've trained so very hard for.

Karen said...

Go Kevin! You got this... :)

triguyjt said...

Kick it Kevin..

Keep inspiring!!

D10 said...

Good luck Kevin. You are ready for this race! Can't wiat to read all about the experience.

teacherwoman said...

Good luck! I will be waiting for a nice race report when you get back! :)

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

You are going to do awesome! I completely agree with putting your cycling shoes on in transition, especially in something as long as a HIM. What little time you might save isn't worth the risk of crashing.

Enjoy every minute of it!

Jarrett said...

Kick ass, Sea Bass!

Flying dismounts? I keep the seat pole on my bike up so high that I'm pretty sure that there would be pain involved if I were to try it, and I'm not sure that my bike shoes could handle it.

Jess said...

Hope it went well!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Thinking of you. Go, Kevin, Go!

sRod said...

Still catching up. But rooting hard for you!

tinaparker87 said...

GREAT RR! Congrads and ay to be!

J~Mom said...

I am getting caught up! Glad I am too because now I can see "It's on like Donkey Kong!" WOOT! I am so impressed that you practiced flying mounts and dismounts!!