Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weekend Update

So I took Friday off so I could sleep in and be well rested for a 10K I had decided to run. The Old Soldier's 10K in Alpharetta was in its 30th year. I had run the course before (I am not sure if I ran OSD or the Mayor's Challenge, which is on the same exact course). Cathy had wanted to do the 5K, so I agreed to do the 10K. I knew the course wasnt too bad, so I was shooting for a PR. When we picked up our race numbers earlier in the week, there was a note that the course had changed this year and it was a double loop for the 10K. They really should have put further explanation, and possibly an actual map for the 10K.

So we get up early and head down for the race. After standing around for about half an hour, we lined up at the start. Things were already starting off bad when the RD was making announcements and the crowd kept getting louder. All I heard was 10K two loops, finish in the second shoot, past the first 5K. Apparently I missed a key point, or it was never mentioned.

My plan was to use the first half to feel out the course and save just a little extra for the second half once I knew what to expect. So when we started, we ran about half a mile in the opposite direction and then made a u-turn and began the double loop. My understanding was like other courses where I have run up a little and u-turned was that we would double up on the loop, but not re-do the u-turn. This would turn out to be wrong. As I was coming down towards the end of the first loop, I turned my Ipod off to listen to the person with the bullhorn. All he was saying was 5K go to the left. Well apparently he forgot to tell us 10Kers that we had to run the starting loop again before the main loop. I only figured this out when I hit the 4 mile marker at 3.25 miles. At this point I dindt know what I wanted to do. I pretty much took it easy since my time wouldnt be right anyway. Once I caught up with Cathy, I went ahead and walked with her till she ran into the finished. My final time for the almost 10K (5.46 miles according to garmin) was 51:07 with an average pace of 9:21. At 3.24 miles, when I said chuck it, I was at 28:01. My average pace at that point was 8:35. If I kept going, I probably could have PRd. DOH. I was really pissed off. It will be really interesting to see the race photos as I had a really angry face at the finish.

Once we went home, cleaned up and headed back out, we went to Performance Bike who was having a big sale which included a 15% off coupon off everything (including bikes). I wanted to get a tool kit and a bike stand for working on the bikes. On the way over, Cathy saw they were offering O% financing on bikes over 500. When we walked in, a tri bike caught my eye. It was a 2008 Fuiji aloha. I test out a size 58 and thought it was a decent ride. It orignally was over 1200, on sale for 999 plus 15% off. But, alas it was not meant to be. The sales girl thought the 0% was for 12 months, but no, it was only 90 days, plus, the guy I believe is the manager and I both felt that a 56 was the best option, but they did not have it in stock. They could order it, but I would have to pay in advance. So instead, I managed to walk out with what I came for: The Spin Doctor Essential Toolkit and the Spin Doctor Essential II Work Stand

I really want a Tri Bike for next year. I am currently weighing all my options. I am seriously considering building my own bike, unless I can find a deal on a whole bike on Craigs List. I have begun doing research on frames and components. Between Nashbar,E-Bay, Slow Twitch Classifieds, Performance Bike, and others I can put together a bike for less. Also, by buying it piecemeal, I dont have to shell it out all at once and I can take my time buying parts. I have begun doing my research on components. I know the two hardest things to install are going to be the Crank/Bottom Bracket as well as the Headset. These seem to be the most technical parts with the most compatibility issues. One of the things I did was to find a whole build kit with all the components minus the frame and started pricing them out individually. Right now, without even going to E-Bay, I could save at least 100 on just the components buying them seperately. Since I am in no hurry and hope to build it out through the off season, I have time to put the money together and buy the parts as cheap as possible

Today, I headed out to Stone Mountain. The first lap, I hung with Cathy. I have been working with her to try and teach her what gears to use when, as she has only ridden her bike less then 10 times. Once we finished the first loop, she gave me the go ahead and pick it up and go out on my own. I did 3 more laps around the mountain. Once I finished my 90 minute ride, I headed out for a 30 minute brick run. When I headed out, it was along the longest hill of the route. I ran downhill for more then a mile. I would pay for this coming back. After about a mile, I found a nature trail head and decided to take the detour into the woods. It had been pretty hot out, probably almost 90 by this point, and the wooded trail was a much appreciated change. It felt like 10 degrees cooler in the shade. I ran for about 5 minutes out and 5 minutes back in the woods. I really liked the trail. it was soft dirt, no loose rocks, some big rocks, and a little rooty. If I had more time, or knew more about where the trail headed, I would have kept on it. I forgot how much I actually enjoy trail running. When I first ran trails, I would do the superman many times as I would hit a rock or root and go flying. Now, I have gotten good at keeping my balance. These last two trail runs has really gotten me interested in doing alot more trail running. On the run back, I took a couple walk breaks as the last 10 minutes were all uphill. It is my goal to make hills, both running and riding my strong point.

Totals for the brick were bike 19.37 miles 1 hr 25 min (13.6 mph second half was probably around 15 mph avg) Run 2.52 miles 30 min avg 11:55

This week its back to business. I am planning on trying to swim tomorrow as my shoulder pain is nearly gone.


Viv said...

Congratulations on the 10/k. Even though it just barely was not a PR you did wonderful!
The Performance bike sale...hehehe I had my lil coupons cut out but now looking for a bike rack waiting for it to be on sale and a coupon. LOL!

The Fuji Alhoa is cool. The tri shop here sales them for 1000 bucks and includes shoes, outfit, and helmet. I know you have all this but maybe it could be found cheaper, just sayin.

Great training weekend, and glad the shoulder is feelin mo' betta!

Brian said...

Sounds like a pretty nice weekend, good 10K, nice workout with the wife and new toys!

D10 said...

Crazy 10K, nice job to both you and Cathy.

Trail running is fun and much different than road running. You should look into trail races. I did my first trail race last December and it was a blast. They had either a 7 mile or 14 mile. I thought about doing the 14 but opted for the 7 and I was so glad chose this option. Trail runs are hard!

Glad to hear the shoulder pain is gone!!

Sarah said...

Must have missed you at Stone Mtn. today. It was HOT out!!

Xenia said...

Sorry about the missed PR, but the rest of your weekend sounded great.

Glad your shoulder is getting better.

ShirleyPerly said...

Bummer about that 10K. I hate not knowing a course that I'm shooting for a PR on and would have been quite frustrated too. Glad to hear the shoulder is better, though!

cindy said...

I'm with ya on getting stronger on hills! That's my weakness.

Hope the shoulder continues to heal and feel good :)

Congrats on the 10K, even though it wasn't exactly what you were hoping for.

Stef said...

Silly 10k race directors. Glad you didn't let it annoy you too much. You totally would've pr'd.

Sending good thoughts for your shoulder, hope your swim goes really well today!

Paul said...

Headsets and Bottom brackets are pretty easy, I wouldn't worry. Most of the new stuff is easier to setup as well. Just take apart your current setup and put it back together for practice! :)

J~Mom said...

I think building tri bikes can really save you some money in the end and get you the parts that you want. Have fun!!!

It's pretty fun to get those coupons from performance! We shopped this weekend as well!

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