Sunday, August 10, 2008

Looong Weekend

Well it has been a really long, but exciting weekend. I am not looking forward to the fact that school goes back in tomorrow. For those of us without kids, school's in means getting up at least 30 minutes earlier to get to work on time. Ugh!

Saturday morning I awoke at 4AM.I didnt have to be out of the house until 5, but I prefer to be up at least an hour before I leave the house for a long run, so I can take care of business. I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was about 61 degrees outside! I so long for the cooler temps of the fall.

I met up with one other person for the 5:30 run. Most of the regular longer runners had made plans to run on Sunday on a flat course along the river. My legs felt great after the first 5 miles. Unfortunately it usually takes about 10 minutes for the 5:30 and the 6:30 groups to regroup and head out. I need to start trying to squeek out another mile while I am waiting for the rest of the group.

The main 6:30 group usually has options of 6,8, or 10 miles. My goal was to be able to do the 10 for a total of 15. I knew, if necessary, I could bail on the 10 and do the shorter option as the routes tend to stay together for as long as possible. At the point we separated at about 3 miles in, I felt great so I headed out alone to finish the route. Because the area I run in is where I lived for 3 years, I know all the back roads inside and out. I chose to alter the route, because there were some bad hills on the 10 mile route that I really did not feel like doing. I added the necessary loops and did the full 15 miles. That was my longest run eva! My previous long run was 14 miles, just before I got injured. The first half (8 miles)of the run, I managed to average about a 9:45 pace. The next 4 averaged about 10:30 and the last 3 were just ugly (11:43,12:40!!,11:36). I was determined to make it through it even though it would have been easy to stop at about mile 13.

Now I am torn about whether or not to do one of the two marathons in November (Chickamagua or Atlanta Thanksgiving). My plan at this point is to build up to a 20 miler (maybe 2) in the next few weeks to a month. At the very least, it will help me with my overall endurance. Best case scenario, I will be ready for the marathon come November. My goal for a marathon is just to finish feeling well, not any specific time. Heck I might just run/walk it. The big what if is how long it will take me to recover from the S.C. 1/2. It took me two weeks to feel good after the Oly, I figure I will be taking a week completely off, a week short and easy and then try to run a 10 miler after 3 weeks and then build up to one more 20 miler in October, just in time for a quick taper for Chickamaagua. If it takes longer to recover, I may still be able to make it to the Thanksgiving Full. I really dont want to do this one as the second have is hilly, but my desire to complete one may just push me to do it anyway. I averaged 10:15/mile which isnt bad, though I would like to see it about 45 seconds faster in training.

Once I came home and showered, it was out for a long day of shopping and running errands. We had to take Cathy's bike in as her front deraileur was having issues dropping to the small chainring. They did a quick adjustment, cathy tested it out, and the bike was ready for race day. We headed to the mall to do some shopping an I landed a deal on some new lenses for my Oakley's. Unfortunately, I did have a little accident on Saturday night.

Molly, our youngest lab has lived in and out of a crate for the first year of her life. Little by little she has been gaining more freedom. Last night, coming out of our bedroom, I smashed my foot against the crate. Ironically, we are supposed to disassemble the crate as Molly is about to get free roam of the house. Tonight, it doesnt hurt too much, but it is red and purple and swollen. I dont hink it is broken, but we shall see.

So this morning I was up stuper early at 3:45 so that I could perform my requisite sherpa duties. I helped pack up the car and were were out of the house by 4:40. After a quick fill up (gas for the car, caffeine for me) we reached the park at about 5:45 and the park was already getting crowded. She set up her transition area, we hung out, waited for the start and ...

I will let Cathy look at her pics and see if she will is alright with me posting them, and to tell you more of how she did. She did well. I am proud of her finishing this race. I was glad to see her cross the finish line with a smile on her face. She said there were times she thought about quitting, but decided she could make it through this. She has said she wants to continue doing triathlons, which I am glad to hear. I will give her some time to recover and take it easy for now. Once it gets a little cooler out, we'll get her started on a more organized plan to getting her running more, riding longer, and riding faster.

Once Cathy was done, we grabbed some lunch, headed home, and she went about resting. Once she was settled in, I went back out to my LBS- Roswell Bicycles, where I bought my new tri bike. I needed to finish getting fitted, plus turn an old bike in as a trade-in to get another 10 percent off the price of the bike. I had to wait an hour while Taylor helped another customer and then settled an issue with a return (he must either be a manager or a senior sales person). The wait was well worth it. WE spent nearly two hours getting the best fit possible. We tried moving the seat up, moving the seat back and forward, adjusting the postion and direction of the aerobar pads, adjusting the length of the aerobars. He even ended up putting a different stem on (at no charge and I got to keep the original). Finally after about 1 hour 45 minutes it was perfect and I spun for about 15 minutes as he watched me and made sure it was right. Plus, I can bring it back in at any time to get the fit adjusted. I am really happy I bought the bike from them.

I must be off to bed since I have to be up earlier tomorrow with school in. Congrats to all of you who raced this weekend, and those who raced in the virtual race.


Tea said...

wow-that's some pacing!

nice job! I hope the toe is ok, but I'm sure it will be. I walked into a door the day before a half iron last year. Bruised up but wasn't broken.

D10 said...

Early mornings! Congratulations to Cathy for another finish. You guys are both doing great. Keep up the good work. Hope the foot is feeling better. Can't wait to hear all about how the new bike rides.

Steve Stenzel said...

I hear ya about being up plenty early to "take care of business" before a workout. My business is usually stretching and pooping.

Good luck now that schools back in session!!

Wes said...

Congratulations on your longest run eva!! Training for a half iron and a marathon is just tough business. I'm sure you'll figure it out.

Awesome you got your bike. You know what they say about fitting. The best fitting is the one that feels right!

Congrats to Cathy on completing Acworth!! Tell her we need a race report please :-)

Jess said...

Congrats to Cathy!

I know what ya mean about the morning commute taking longer once school's back in; same is true for here. The added traffic and slow speeds in school zones really adds to the drive.

Marcy said...

Dude you are a breast with these early AM wake ups! You ROCK!!

CONGRATS to Cathy on another finish Whoot!!

Geez, sorry about foot. Sounds painful :-(

Stef said...

Oooh I hope Cathy lets you post some photos and thought about her race. Huge congratulations to her!

Finishing with a smile is what it's all about.

As I was getting up at 5am on Saturday I thought of you. Of course (even without the 3 hour time difference) you were already up "taking care of business." LOL!

Congrats on the long run and getting your bike! Talk about more motivation to get stronger on the bike now. WOO HOO!!

cindy said...

Kudos to you and your longest run ever!!

I'm sure you'll figure out what is best about the marathon. I'm thinking though, since the half IM is your A race and it is first...go for it! (as long as you're feeling good and injury-free) Either of the marathons is after, and like you said, you can do it just to finish or benefit from the endurance training. You can wait to register after your half IM depending on how you feel.

Good luck :)

Lily on the Road said...

Wooot, you "dun good"!

Good Job to Cathy too, let's see those pic's!! Oh, let's see the new bikey bike too...this is just too exciting.

teacherwoman said...

Boy did you have a busy, LONG weekend indeed! Congrats to Cathy on her triathlon! Wahoo!

Nitmos said...

Yes, get out there and do 1 November marathon at least. It's not still hot in GA then is it?

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Cathy deserves major kudos for not quitting when she felt the urge. I hope she lets you share the race photos. :)

I happen to have kids in school and CANNOT WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW!!!!

Brian said...

Congrats on the run, your fast.

I want to read more about your bike.

I've got to hear to Roswell bikes to pick up a replacement seatpost clamp. Hopefully sometime this week, if I can make it.

Rock on.

ShirleyPerly said...

Do you do ice water baths after your races? That, for me, is probably the biggest key to recovering quick, say, within a week after a half iron or marathon. High pre-race fitness level, not racing all-out and good post-race nutrition also help.

But people do have different recovery rates and some people probably take 2-4 weeks to recover from half irons and marathons no matter what they do.

Your LBS sounds great!

J~Mom said...

Great long run!! Congrats to Cathy!!