Tuesday, July 1, 2008

June's Totals

This week is a recovery week for me. I am glad because I definitely need it. Last night, I had a pretty good swim. It was a total of 1500 meters with the main set being 5*100 Base Intervals and 8*25 Sprint with 20 seconds recovery. These sprintes continue to get faster. This set averaged a half a second faster then last week. I actually cant wait for my swim to add some longer sprint or lactate intervals.
Unfortunately, no matter how fast I can swim, like bigun commented "its all about the bike". I think I am progressing on the bike, though very slowly. This morning, I really did have to drag my butt out of bead. It was really hard to not go back to bed and reset the alarm. Once I was up, I was back and forth about riding in the hood or on the trainer up to the last minute. I decided to ride in the hood. I dont know if I was bored or tired, but I was ready to quit at 30 minutes. I was able to push myself out to 45 minutes of a planned 60 minute ride. I think part of the problem when riding in the hood is that a complete loop is only like 3 miles. That and it is not flat at all. Most if it is barely noticeable, but there are a few good hills, and it feels like I am constantly switching gears. The other problem was I didnt realize it was actually cool and windy this morning, so I was freezing any time my speed got over 15 mph. Total I did 11.27 miles in 45 minutes for an average speed of 14.9mph. My cadence was too low as well averaging 76. Looking at previous rides in my neighborhood, there is some improvement, even if it doesn't feel like it

June was a pretty good month. The one thing that stood out though, is that I barely rode more miles than in May. That must change if I want to improve

June's Numbers
Brick Workouts:2
Goose Eggs:6 Days

Callaway Super-Sprint (400M/8.5 mi/2 mi) 54:39
12/47 in Clydes & 157/843 Overall

July will be an even bigger month. I will be running the Peachtree Road Race along with 55,000 other people on July 4th. I am not setting any specific goals for this race. At the very least, I would like to set a new PR for this race, but the big unknown is the new course. They changed the course this year, and the last half mile or so, is all uphill. I am in Time group 1B, so at least I dont have to fight the hoardes

Then just over a week later, I do my first Oly at Chattanooga. I am stoked for that. My only goals for this race is to finish the race and have fun. The swim should be fast since it is one way down stream, but I am not sure about the bike as the course will be hilly. The run will all depend on how much I use up my legs on the ride.

My big training goal for July is to see a real increase in my cycling volume. Oh, and I started the 100 Pushup challenge. For my initial test, I was able to do 10 good form pushups.


An Athlete In Training said...

Good luck at Peachtree this weekend. One of these years I'll run in that!

Wes said...

It was nice and cool this morning!! I had a great run, all zone 1. Never got out of breath, never sweated too much. Good stuff!!

Hill work is tough stuff!! But its gonna pay off big time in Chattanooga!!

ShirleyPerly said...

Have fun at Peachtree! I heard it's so crowded that a PR is rarely possible. And guess what? I too have started doing push-ups (and pull-ups & dips). Man, am I sore today ...

RunnerGirl said...

You're doing the push up challenge? I was thinking of starting it myself . . . keep us posted on how its going!

teacherwoman said...

I hope to increase some cycling volume as well! I am going to have to start doing some intervals in the water. My speed has increase, but I would like to be faster too!

Gotta Run said...

Enjoy your recovery week... you have got a lot coming up.

You and your wife keep up the HEALTHY livin'

You are both doing GREAT!!!

Ryan said...

Great June numbers.

You are really putting the time in for a great 1/2 in SC

I am getting into Chattanooga late Fri night. I'm staying at the Marriot downtown next to the race site, across from the kids museum.

Sat will be spent at the aquarium and kids museum with an earlyish (530-6) dinner.

Wes will not be rolling in until race morning.

How about you? Will you be there Sat night? Dinner?

Let me know

Marcy said...

June digits look good, homie!

Seriously am I the only blogger not doing this push up challenge. Gawd I'm such a loser LOL

Jess said...

Looks like you had quite the month in June! Best of luck with your race on Friday!

cindy said...

Enjoy your recovery week. You deserve it...your training has been incredible and you're getting stronger and faster.

Great June numbers! Good luck with the upcoming races and more cycling the following month.

I'm gonna try the pushup challenge, too :)

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Everyone is doing the pushup challenge.

I'm embarrassed to say how it's going for me though. :(

Sounds like you have great plans for July!!!!

triguyjt said...

have fun in atlanta at peachtree...i hear its pretty wild..cool (not temp) and a helluva event..

chattanooga is coming quickly

Ms. V. said...

Nice numbers.

Have you tried Sports Beans? They seem to give me that little extra burst...

Katie Weaver-Jongerius said...

Think 90, 90, 90 when you spin Kevin! You'll be shocked at how much better your legs will feel after you come off the bike.

Great month of training! Be proud. Good luck this weekend!

RazZDoodle said...

I may not be doing a true form push up, but it still makes me sore all the same. Good luck at Peachtree! It sounds like fun.

akshaye said...

nice consistently good numbers! Good luck at the Peachtree. I'll find out today if I can get a number.

Stef said...

Peachtree . . . isn't that where it all started for you?

Have a GREAT time! I may have to look into this push up challenge . . .

J~Mom said...

You had a fantastic June!!

Viv said...

Best of luck at Peachtree and have fun!!
All this puch up talk is going to make try to do 1. Ugh!