Sunday, July 27, 2008

In a funk

In the last two weeks since Chattanooga, I have been in a funk. I am really hoping it is just part of recovery from that race, but I am not certain. From what I've read, it takes 2 weeks to recover from an Olympic Distance Tri.

Tuesday, I woke up at 4:30 to ride my bike, and I decided I was too tired. I was up, I should've got on the bike. Yesterday, I woke up at 4:15. I was supposed to do a 12 mile run. I used the bathroom and felt a little pain in my ankle and I decided to skip the run!! I have never skipped a run for a minor pain. I regretted it all day. My shoulder has also been bothering me.

Friday I was up at 4:15, and was on the bike at 4:30. For my early morning rides, I either get on the trainer, or ride the roads in my neighborhood. At 4:30 there isnt much going on in my neighborhood and there is only one way in/out so there isnt much trouble. Unfortunately, it also gets to be a little booring with only 3 or 4 miles of total roads to ride on. For the ride, I drank a bottle of my nuun/powdered gatorade mix. I also took a gel at 45 minutes. I felt sluggish on the bike for all but the last 15 minutes. I dont think I would not have made it through the ride on the trainer without my favorite movie of all time: Monty Python and the Quest for The Holy Grail. I just could not get the legs to move fast. Next time, I think I will try to take a gel before I get on the bike and maybe it will feel better.

After skipping Saturday's run, Cathy and I went to the pool. I was only able to do 1000 meters before I had to stop due to shoulder pain.I may need to take a least a week of no swimming. I will make that call after tomorrow's swim.UPDATE:I woke this morning with bad shoulder pain, so no swimming for at least a week. I have been doing a whole bunch of research online, and I want to work on adjusting my stroke some. I have been watching videos on youtube of olympic swimmers and some coaches tips on proper pull and I think this change will not only help my shoulder, but make my already fast swim even faster.I need to work on what's called a high elbow. Here is a link that shows what I am talking about.

Today, I drove out to Stone Mountain. There is a little less then 5 mile loop that goes around the mountain and is quite hilly. There is a good mix of rollers and longer climbs. Due to time constraints, I was only able to do 3 laps in 1 hour. Overall, I felt ok. If I had more time, I think I would have been better able to assess how I feel. I will definitely be back there often to train on the hills. From what I understand, there is a 7 mile option that has a few harder hills.

After last weeks really slow long run and this weeks no show, I dont think I will be doing the Chickamagua Marathon. Based on my recovery time for the Olympic, I will need at least 3 weeks if not a month to fully recover. That just does not give me enough time. I am not a big fan of the Atlanta course and dont think I want that to be my first. That would be my last option for the year. In lieu of the marathon, I think I will do a 15K trail race. It will be my first trail race. A whole bunch of my running group is planning on doing it, so I will likely do it too.

Looking at the beginning of the year, I have a few local options and possibly one travel option. If any of you have experience with any of these, feel free to give me your opinion.

There is the Museum of Aviation Foundation Marathon in Warner Robbins GA on January 19th. I dont know anything about it. It runs around an air force base which might be cool. Plus, it is relatively flat.The only thing is that Georgia weather is a little unpredictable in January. Apparently last year was windy with freezing rain

Warner Robbins Elevation profile

The next possibility is Callaway Gardens on January 25th. Again, dont know much about this race. It is run inside the park. I dont know about the elevation, but they say it is similar to boston? That may not be pleasant. I did enjoy the tri at Callaway, so I dont know.

The third option is the The A1A marathon in Ft Lauderdale on February 22nd. This is run along A1A, the main drag along the beach, and is pancake flat(other then 1 bridge). Since our family is in Ft Lauderdale, we would have a place to stay.

Once march comes around, there are three options: Alpharetta (no date yet), Snickers Albany (March 7), and ING Atlanta (March 29th). I have heard mixed reviews of Alpharetta, Albany is supposed to be fast, and ING is the big one here in Atlanta.

If I do one in January, I may then do one in March as well. It may also depend on Cathy. When I talked about maybe going home to Ft Lauderdale to race, she thought she might train for the Half, since it is nice and flat.


Sarah said...

You'll be rockin and rollin again in no time! It took me a bit of time to shake off Chattanooga and I know you raced hard!

It was great to see you - I was so surprised that I probably didn't seem very friendly! Ha! Did you find some deals? I got a bunch of socks and a jersey and shorts. I love discounts! Woot!

Tea said...

Give your body the rest you need.

Looks like you have some good choices of races. Personally, I really like small races, but I've heard ING is GREAT.

ShirleyPerly said...

I think recovery times vary a lot depending on the individual, amt of training going into a race, how they raced the event and what they do afterwards. It could be you're just needing longer to recover but it also sounds like you also have several nagging issues that could collectively putting you in a funk (that would do it for me). Whatever the case, your body seems to be telling you something and so it's good that you're rethinking your race schedule.

I ran Warner Robins Marathon back in 2004 and it is the smallest marathon I've ever run (something like 50-60 marathoners). The weather was quite cold (30-40's) and windy, which I heard was typical. There were other shorter distance races held at the same time that made the first lap go by pretty fast but the second lap was quite lonely. The course is OK in terms of scenery and pretty flat except for a little rise at the end where you go past some airplanes on display to get to the finish line. If you like small races, this one is quite friendly but there very few folks besides the runners and volunteers out on the course. There was a big warm hanger to get out of the cold before and after the race, though, which was nice.

Stef said...

I totally get being in a funk -- I've been in one for a few days myself.

Since you're still pretty new in this sport (as am I) it may take some time to figure out that fine line between recovery and working out that will be optimal for you.

Sounds like a good list of races to choose from -- it would be cool if you and Cathy both raced in Ft. Lauderdale! Guess that's my 2 cents since I don't know anything about what the courses are like.

Hope you have a good week!

Oh and THANKS for the link to that swim coaching video! That was great.

Robyn said...

WOW! I am really impressed with all the hard work you have done! Hi, by the here! Hope you are on your way to a speedy recovery! I am just starting out doing 5k's and that is just walking! LOL! I know don't sneeker!

Run for Chocolate said...

Sometimes your body just needs a break. I am sure you will be back in no time.

Marcy said...

Go get yourself some rest! You've had that shoulder issues for awhile now :-( You deserve the break :-)

Oooohhh A1A. That's totally in Jess' neck of the woods ;-)

Jess said...

You should definitely do A1A!! I did it last year, and the course is kind of boring, but it's super flat and easy. Plus, I will probably do it again this year, and we can meet up!! Do it, do it, do it!

Wes said...

Just don't try to do too much bro. Training for a half IM is more than enough. Then, you need to remember periodization. You got to work in easy weeks to allow yourself to recover. I know you are on a plan for South Carolina, right?

Kevin said...

Yeah, I am using a plan for the half, with every 4th week being a recovery week. I had to adjust it some to fit chattanooga in, and I was making changes in my running to squeeze in the full marathon, but Ive changed my calendar back to match up with the training plan.

Xenia said...

I agree with everyone else--rest up! You've done a lot already, no point in working yourself into oblivion. Because I am all for blogger get-togethers (I like to see the smiley photos), I say do the FL race. Sounds like a great PR race to boot.

Frayed Laces said...

Rest rest rest! Give your body what it is screaming out for!

RunnerGirl said...

Sounds like you need a well deserved rest . . . you'll be back at it in no time!

IronJenny said...

When your body says, "rest me".... you should! Triathlon's 4th discipline is rest, and it's jsut as important as any brick in your training plan...

Isela: Purling Sprite said...

A little rest may be the right medicine :).

Give your shoulder a good rest, it is best to rest a little then to be forced to rest by overworking.

Sherry said...

I'm beginning to think that funks are pretty much a standard part of the big bad world of triathlon training. I was in one immediately after my first tri for a good week and right now, I'm sort of in a swimming funk. I just can't motivate myself to get to the pool!

I think like the other friendly folks here have mentioned, the recovery process may be a big part of it.

So... rest up and try to enjoy that funk for now. If you're like me, the rapidly approaching date of your next event will scare you right out of it soon enough. :o)

teacherwoman said...

I checked out that video. I need to start watching more of those because I know my swim form is nowhere perfect. That is fo sure. I have the tendency to let my arm glide too long in the water.

anyway, I think feeling a little out of it, or in a funk, is only natural after a big race like yours. It's your time to reflect! I think you should rest up while you can to prevent any injuries!

P.O.M. said...

Funks happen. I think we need mental rest, as well as physical rest. Especially after a big race.

Picking new races is always a good way to re-motivate. And buying new toys/songs/clothes related to running helps too.

Kevin Hogencamp said...

Just came across your blog because of the Albany reference in it. Please come run the Snickers marathon in March in Albany. Our volunteers, our flat course, and your great spirit will get you through the race, and I bet the next day will be funk-free!

Please shout if we can help you decide whether to come down for the race, or if we can ever be of service.

Kevin Hogencamp, board member
Snickers Marathon Energy Bar Marathon (
Albany, Ga.

Heather said...

If you go in at the Depot, it's a full 5 miles... but there's also a 7 mile loop that's hillier and very, very pretty that you can do. Just FYI. I love Stone Mountain! Now that I'm back in Tucker, I'll be out there running a lot again. It's my favorite running destination.

Ryan said...

Push harder!

No time for rest!

I just wanted to be different ;)

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

I think the funk is totally normal. You'll get through it.

I love planning for races! You have a lot of choices. :)

Gotta Run said...

Man I hate it when the burn out stage comes around. It will pass so keep pushing forward.

Take a day and just regroup. Get a massage. It will do wonders!!!!

sRod said...

Man, your work out regiment is making me cry! Isn't 12 miles a little much? (says the guy who knows nothing about tri training)