Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I swear I am falling apart

Sunday night, I must have slept the wrong way, because Monday I woke up with really bad neck pain and I couldnt turn my head to the left or lift my chin up all the way. So needless to say, I took yesterday off.

Several ibuprofin, a heating pad, and those all day heat wraps, and I am feeling better today. It still hurts a little, but at least I can turn my head. I am just hoping to be 100% by Sunday.

I am getting a little antsy for Sunday's race. Its my first Oly, my first race out of state, and from what I understand the course is quite hilly. I have so much to get done in the next few days. I need to shave my head, re-tape my handlebars, lube my chain, replace my computer that is on their with the garmin speed/cadence sensor (assuming it comes in). Replace the rear tube and tire, and maybe even check the trueness of the wheels if I can get around to it.

Thanks for all the great tips regarding Saturday's long run. I am curious though do you folks use straight salt tabs, or do you use an electrolyte tab like nuun? Do you have any specific brands you like? I am definitely going to start wearing my 2L camel back for my long runs

I think for this weeks race, I am going to fill 3 of the 4 bottles on my bike with gatorade and one with water. Also, any tips for water stations on the bike? Do they even do this for an oly? I couldnt tell by the map. Dont ask me what I was thinking. 4 is definitely more then enough for an oly. Its the Half I will need to worry about.Other then that, I wont change anything just before the race

Hopefully this evening, I can get a run in


Gotta Run said...

I have not seen any water stations in the two sprint tri I have done. You only have what you bring. Sure it has to be different once you reach longer distance.

Get yourself all fixed and back together. Ice may be a good option. heat then cold. worked great for me.

Getting closer and closer!!

Wes said...

My coach recommends Thermolytes. I take Endurolytes. She says those don't have enough salt in them, but I am getting 600 mg an hour from my sports drink and Gus though.

You won't need four bottles for an Oly :-) 16-24 oz per hour. You sound like you will be on the high side of that so 24 oz per hour should do it for you.

Those cricks in the neck suck. Mine usually go away after two to three days. I'll hold out for the best for you. I've heard the hills in Chattanooga are more rolling than steep. I guess we'll find out soon enough!!

ShirleyPerly said...

Sorry to hear about the neck pain! I've only done the same Oly tri twice and they did have an aid station about halfway through although I didn't need it. I would ask at packet p/u so you know for sure and where it will be if there is one.

My husband drinks Nuun dissolved in water and also takes Thermolyte salt capsules too if he's going to be out for several hours in the heat. Perhaps start with one of them and see if you need more? Too much salt is not good either ...

Calyx Meredith said...

So sorry about the neck pain! Do you have a chiropractor? (I love mine, but I know people who refuse to even consider chiro.) Also - the heat alternating with ice acts like an internal massage sending the blood away and bringing it back. That might speed up your healing. I will be interested to read what others advise you on the salt/electrolyte tabs!

My (non-bike) memories of Chattanooga are pretty darn hilly - but here's hoping that they're "rolling" for you! Best of luck. Feel free to pass on lessons learned from your first out of state Oly! (I've got my first in September.) Have fun!

Sarah said...

I think they are rolling, not steep, just longer inclines. No worries - you ride in GA.

I used 2.5 bottles during St. Anthony's and then did the bottle exchange and I was fine. Woot Woot!! I'm so excited!

teacherwoman said...

You have 4 bottles on your bike? Where do you put them all?

Sounds like you are going to have a busy next few days. Enjoy it. You are going to do great!

Marcy said...

I don't know what to tell you on the tabs. I've never used them.

But dang homie!! Sorry about the neck pain. That is the WORST, when you sleep on it the wrong way and then you're all jacked up for the next couple days (or longer sometimes)

Kim said...

continue to rest and get that neck healed. i have faith in your abilities and know you will rock the oly! i drink 1 bottle an hour on the bike, and do not use salt tabs based on my sweat test (i dont sweat that much!)

akshaye said...

Rest up and I hope the neck feels great soon. Good luck for Chat!

D10 said...

Hopefully the neck will loosen up and you'll be more comfortable. At least you have a few more days for the body to rest up. You are going to do great. No advice on the salt tabs, never used them before.

cindy said...

I tried endurolytes this weekend because they have a low amount of salt in them...I didn't want to overdo it on my first time out. Plus, I was also drinking accelerade and taking gels. Here's a link to endurolytes:


I got a sample of stronger salt tablets in my race packet at Buffalo, but don't remember what they are called.

You will do great this weekend! Don't worry...you'll get everything done. You can't be as bad as I am about procrastinating. I was still up until midnight the night before BSLT getting stuff together :/

Best of luck and have fun!!

Makita said...

I've never tried salt tabs, either so I can't help you there.

I've never done a tri of any distance, so again, I am empty-handed.

I'm sorry to hear about your neck pain, though. A little rest and you should be good for this weekend.

I wish you the best of luck! Kick some tri-butt! :D

J~Mom said...

I had my two bike bottles filled for the Oly and then just wore my fuel belt. I did not need half of what I carried with me.

J~Mom said...

PS I wore my fuel belt on the run not the ride. LOL

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

wrt falling apart: You and me both! Frustrating, huh?

I'm a packrat and take too much with me and I'm also slow as molasses, and 4 bottles sounds like WAY more than you need even to me. :)

Cindy Jo said...

I switched from Endurolytes to Thermolytes. They seem to be great so far, and I don't have to take as many.

You're NOT falling apart! You will come around just fine by race time if you don't stress too much - and you'll do great!

Ms. V. said...

Try 10 minutes of heat, and 5 of ice for 55 minutes. All heat is going to really screw up your muscles!

Good luck!

Stef said...

OUCH that has happened to me before (the neck thing). I find it goes away in a couple of days. Hope the same holds true for you.

My two cents' worth: it's probably good that you are a bit nervous. Although Oly is short course it's still quite a jump from the sprint distance -- you sound like you respect the distance which is good.

That said I'm sure you will do great and I'll look forward, as always, to your race report. You have put in the training.


Running To Stand Still said...

Sorry about your neck. I am another one that swears by my chiropractor. Hope it is just a memory by the time of the race.

Ryan said...

No water stops on the bike in Chat. Most of the bike route is on an Interstate (access controlled) type road, and the turn around point is an emergency turn around point. There is video of it on youtube.

That is a lot of fluid. I am only taking two bottles and will be lucky to finish one. Although I will hopefully only be on the bike for an hour and 4 minutes.

I use endurolytes. 3 an hour unless I start to feel really sloshy then maybe up to 6. I like them because they contain

Although, I still haven't gotten it right yet. I keep a nutrition/electrolyte log now, I keep track of weather, humidity, temp, wind strength, vs calories per hour, electrolytes, cramping, feeling. I even make any additions for GI feelings post race. Sometimes I overdo it and don't realize it until I'm finished.

Hart said...

my only advice is DO NOT DRINK GATORADE. it's so sugary and with high fructose corn syrup it is about the worst thing you can consume, let alone the likely stomach ache it will give you as your body tries to digest it.

nuun and clif shots is the way to go.