Friday, June 20, 2008

Marathon Plan

So tonight I hit the gym for an easy swim. I took my new Team Javelin Tri Suit. I wanted to see how it felt on and how it felt in the water before I used it in the race on Sunday. It felt pretty good. I ended up doing 2000 meters really easy. I like the way the tri suit (or as Cathy calls it : the onezy)feels.Its
also nice that when I get out of the water I wont have to worry bout my belly hanging out.

Tomorrow, I am up early for about a 6 mile run. Then we are probably going to go down and pick our race packets up. We got the following email

    Online registration will close at midnight 6/18/08. You can also
    register Saturday from Noon-5PM at the Mountain Creek Inn and race day at the Robin Lake Beach Pavilion from 5:45-7:45AM.

    Race day registration and packet pick-up will be very crowded! Get there before 6:30AM to avoid LONG lines! Please make every effort to pick up your race packet on Saturday.

So we will probably drive the 4 hours round trip to pick up our packets and scope out the course. this way we can get maybe an extra hour of sleep and not have to worry bout the long lines.

I have been working on planning out my long runs for the rest of the year so I can do the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon about 6 weeks after my half ironman. After much consideration, this is what I have come up with. For the week after my Half IM, I will keep the option of taking it off. If I can get one 20 miler in before the 70.3 and one after, I think I will be in good shape for my marathon. I also plan on running the silver comet half again this year. Last year that was my first half marathon and i ran it in 2:13. This year I would like to try to run it in under 2 hours. Last year, the first half I was on pace to go under 2 but my legs cramped up and I had to walk too much during the second half. So I think it shouldnt be too hard to do that.

(Thank you Shirleypirley for telling me how to get rid of the extra space. That is kinda annoying, but I guess since I wont be editing it after the post it wont be too bad)

WeekDATEDa Plan
216/21 (Calloway Sprint 6/22)6-8
197/05 (Peachtree 10K 7/4) 10(7/6)
187/12 (Chattanooga Oly 7/13) Off
79/27 (SC 1/2 IM 9/28) 13
310/25 (SilverComet 1/2 Mar) 13
111/8 (Chickamagua Marathon) Race


Viv said...

I am no help Kev. I thought I had been following a tri schedule till I got a coach. I am officially lost.

Glad you like the onezie. Doe they have snapsin the bottom in case you gotta go? I always wondered that.

teacherwoman said...

Ooh, good luck this weekend! Your Marathon schedule looks great!

LBTEPA said...

Oh no, now I'm picturing you in a babysuit with feet LOL.
Have fun racing this weekend :)

sRod said...

Whoa man. That is one scary training schedule. Bravo to you.

Steph Bachman said...

Good for you on Chicamauga. That was my chosen race until I realized how close it was to the SC HIM. I can't marathon train at the same time I'm building the bike for that race (my bike fitness is not great) so I can't build in time for that race. I do have a list of others under consideration - will post them all.

Calyx Meredith said...

Looks good on paper (though I would cry if it were MY training plan.) Love that Cathy calls it a "onesie" (Lord, I have washed a million and twelve of those little puppies!) Good luck!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

A onesie...LOL. That just cracks me up.

Have a good race tomorrow.

Looks like you have your marathon training all lined up too. Now you just need to make it happen!

triguyjt said...

great sked kevin...

saw your race duds...nice looking you looked fast in it today...

full report coming?? have a good one

ShirleyPerly said...

The training plan looks good to me, esp. the part in between your 1/2 IM and the marathon. Good luck at your race tomorrow!

PS - The reason you get all the space between your post and the table is because you probably have a lot of carriage returns in the HTML code for your table. If you take them all out (which I know makes the table code very hard to read but if you've already got all the info as you want it, who cares), the big space will go away.

Jess said...

Good luck this weekend and that looks like a solid plan to me. I mean, anything with columns and rows looks pretty dang official.

Marcy said...

Whoooa dude! That looks pretty hardcore to me ;D Rock out!

seanvert said...

try the RealRyder

This makes it more fun to get fit.