Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Up at the butt crack of stupid

So as is becoming the norm during my 70.3 training I was up as Katie says "at the butt crack of stupid" to get my run on. Up today was 47.5 minutes with 10 W/U and 11 Sets of 30 second sprint followed by 2 minutes active recovery and 10 C/D. My legs felt pretty good this morning. Today was also the first time I used my Garmin 305's interval feature. It has definitely been improved since the 201. I never liked the interval on the 201, but I have to say it works well on the 305. Also, this was my first real interval session I didnt do on the dreadmill. once I set up my garmin I headed out. During the run, I never looked at my pace or distance. I just tried to go all out on the sprints. I averaged a pace of 7:13 during the sprints and 10:51 during the recoveries. All together, I did 4.79 miles in 47:34 for a overall pace of 9:56.

I feel good about how my running is coming along. I really enjoyed the speed work. My knee only ever slightly hurts when I heel strike. I have been consciously working on becoming a midfoot striker, as well as several other recommendations based on the Chi running book

Then, this evening I opted to ride the hills in the hood. After 10 minutes warming up, I did 50 minutes of the .55 mile hill loop and then 10 minutes to cool down for a total of 70 minutes. My legs were a little tired from this morning's run, but overall I felt strong. I think I will make it part of my training to do a hill ride at least once a week.

Total was 15.64 miles in 1 hr 10 minutes for an average speed of 13.3 mph.

I definitely need to clean my bike as my chain was jumping at times and lagging when shifting gears. I also picked up a truing stand so this weekend I will likely attempt to true my wheels before the race.

This weekend I put the Aqua Rack on my bike and I have been pleasantly surprised. It doesnt bother me at all while mounting or dismounting the bike. I was really surprised how easy it was to get the bottles in and out of the holder while in motion. This way on the longer races I can carry 4 bottles of water/gatorade and not have to worry about getting a bottle from the aid stations

Tomorrow, I get to sleep in (till 545) and then a swim in the PM.


Annette said...

5:45 is sleeping in? You are a much stronger person than I am. I love my sleep way too much!

Sounds like the training is going well. Keep it up!

Calyx Meredith said...

"I really enjoy the speed work"?!!!! Dude, you must have a lifetime membership at that nightclub I was talking about! Up that early AND doing speed work. You are going to be a Kona dude one day, I just know it. You are ROCKIN'!!

Heather said...

At least it's not as hot at the but crack of stupid.

D10 said...

Isn't it amazing how exciting it is to think about "sleeping in" till 5:45. Hope you feel nice and refresed today. Nice job on the speedwork and hills.

Marcy said...

LMAO! I'm going to have to use that "butt crack of stupid" I like it!

Brian said...

Dude when you famous will you still sign an autograph for me?

Brian said...

Somehow I misses the part about the truing stand.
Cool that your getting involved in bike mechanics, but I have a whole bunch of advice on this subject.

Back in the day, about 9 years ago, I owned a Snow Ski and Bike shop, and I am versed in wheel building and truing.
While I know you can learn to true wheels with some practice, I suggest you start with an old wheel.
Stop my your LBS and asked them for some old POS wheel and let them know your plans, they will have something to give you to train on.
The thing with truing wheels is that for every action there is an equal reaction, by that I mean if you over tighten a spoke to suck in the rim, you need to make other adjustments in other spokes to keep it round and true.
I have seen wheels that were worked on too much, especially Mt bike wheels (because of the nature of the sport) that have flat spots in them because of a poor truing job.
Not a little flat sport isn’t bad with a 2 inch tire at 45 lbs, but a 1 inch / 23m tire at 110 lbs, that would be bad, and you would feel it at high speeds.

Google “Sheldon Brown” or “Park tools” and read up.

I would be more than happy to show you what I know.

Maybe we work on the wheels and get a ride in.

cindy said...

"butt crack of stupid!"...I love that!

Glad you like the bottle holders. I think I'm the only one who experiencec mounting/dismounting bike injuries from it.

akshaye said...

5:45 - sleep in?? Out of curiosity, what then is "butt crack of stupid"?!

You really nailed the speedwork.

PreFan1982 said...

good workout. 5:45 is great discipline-6am is my earliest

Steph Bachman said...

Yep, 5:45 is sleeping in. : )

Way to go on your intervals. I need to follow your lead on those.

sRod said...

Isn't it sad when 545 becomes your sleep-in time?

Jess said...

5:45 is the middle of the night. It is not sleeping in!

Stef said...

So glad the speedwork is going so well. Excited for you and Cathy to race this weekend!

ShirleyPerly said...

Great to hear of the improvement in your running! I was told that heel striking is also like braking with every step and so besides being easier on the knees & joints, midfoot landing should make you faster :-)

Kellye Mills said...

I am really impressed with your running! Before too long you can be another possible rabbit for me at the track!! :)

Ryan said...

Good job for you.

The dedication you put in now really will pay off when you toe the line for your half.

How's this for early, I finished my 10 miler this morning at 5:43am, yep, finished.

That is the butt crack of retardedness!

Happy training.

Paul said...

I'm glad to see your running is coming along good! It takes time to make a transition to good form and then lots of work to keep it!

Viv said...

Dedication that is what I am thinking for middle of the night workouts.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I heart my aqua rack

Up at the butt crack of stupid. LOL. That's pretty funny

J~Mom said...

That is funny!! Today I was up at the butt crack of stupid!!