Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hills,hills, and YES, more hills

This morning I awoke at 430 for a 50 minute ride. Originally my plan was to get on the trainer, but after Sarah's Post about hills, I decided to do the hill loop in my hood. There is a .55 mile loop that circles by my house with two short hills. One isnt too bad, but the other usually requires the small chainring. I did a total of 19 laps and really pushed my legs hard. By the end I was pushing hard up the steeper one in the big chainring. My legs were so sore when I was done. I think I will make this a weekly thing. Tomorrow, i may run those same hills. I am glad to have a good loop to work on hills. Now I just need to find a good long slow hill to work on as well. I know the hill training will pay off big.

Last night, I made it to the gym at 5:15. This meant I had to hurry. The aquarobics move in and take the pool hostage at 6. This meant no time to take breaks between each part of my plan. . I made it through the set just in time. Every time I hit the end of the pool, I could see those old folks hovering over me just waiting to hijack the pool. I could hear their heavy breathing, smell their noxious whole bottles of perfume they had splashed on just before coming to the pool. I would hate to swim in that pool right after one of those classes. There must be such a film of gunk on top of the pool.

Tonight I will be back in the pool, and thankfully aquarobics is only T/Th.

Did anyone see According to Jim on ABC last night? It was hilarious. It was actually running themed. I love the shirts he cam up with. Just say no to crack with an arrow pointing down. Beware the thunder from down under (My Fav). If you didnt see it. You can watch it free at My fav quote. "When you put the pedal to the metal, theres going to be some gas"


Wes said...

Dude :-) ROFL!! A half mile loop is good? I think I would die!! Well, besides the hills kicking my arse... I have two hills outside my sub division, I call them the test. The first is long and pretty uphill. The second is short and steep. I'm sure I'll get to work those suckas on the bike soon! Nicely done!!!!

Viv said...

Great job on getting the hill work in.

LMAO at the pool being held hostage!! i deal with it daily.

Calyx Meredith said...

OMG - you really ARE a masochist! ;D

Danielle in Iowa said...

The water aerobics old people are mean at my pool! The will start removing the lanes 15 minutes before classes start - while you are swimming in it!

Stef said...

Hill work really does pay off. Good job!!

ROFL good grief I am lucky. At both my gym and the municipal pool (which has yet to open for the summer) those CLASSES are mercifully kept separate from the lap lanes, which are open all the time.

When an oldie with a noodle gets into a lap lane, he/she has to play by the lap rules! YEAH.

D10 said...

Way to tackle the hills. Can't believe you are going to face them again tomorrow on foot! Your description of the aquarobics made me laugh. I could picture all the old ladies staring all those in the pool down.

J~Mom said...

WHOA!!! Those are crazy hills!!!!!