Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cant you smell the sarcasm? Plus a disappointing product review :-P

OK, I was being slightly sarcastic about sleeping in. Then again compared to being up at the butt crack of stupid at like 430/500 545 is sleeping in. Then only day I ever possibly get to sleep past 6 AM is Sunday, and that really isnt even possible now that my rides are going to keep pushing beyond 2 hours. Ok, so enough about that.

I was supposed to get up this morning at 5AM. Well I didnt sleep too well, so at 4AM, after awaking several times, I chose to set my alarm for 545 and not run. After being at work early, not taking lunch, and having a late meeting from 530-700(I usually leave at 430) I chose to hit the pool at 4PM for a good swim.

Up today was a 1000 meter time trial with 300 warmup and 300 cool down. I had a decent swim that was almost identical to Saturday's Phat B swim. I did 1000 in 15:36.48. I made sure to hit the lap counter at 400 so I had an idea of how fast I could swim in Sunday's race. I hit 400 meters in 6:03.I also hit the lap timer so I could see how my two 500's broke down. My first 500 came in at 7:39.39 and the second in 7:57.09.

On Sunday, I may need to BEG the R.D. to start with my age group as opposed to starting with the clydesdales at the end. I really dont want want to have to pass a whole bunch of amateurs if I dont have to given I am hoping to go around or maybe even under 6 minutes in the swim. Unfortunately, I found out yesterday the Clydesdales start at the back of the pack :(

So tonight I got home about 730 and decided to head out for the run I didnt get in this morning. I did another one of my famous pyramid runs. I dont think I hit a negative split overall( though since I cant break down mile 3 I am not certain), but my min/mile went up and then back down


Total time 46:47 Avg Pace 9:21/mi Avg HR 171???

I was a little surprised to see my HR had been so high. It sure didnt feel that hard. Maybe it was the fact I had just swam 3 hours ago.

OK, now for the product review. While at performance bike over the weekend, I saw Cola Flavored Power Bar Gel Blasts. They were overly chewy and tasted REALLY REALLY AWEFUL!!YUCK!!!. I dont know if the Lemon flavor tastes any better, but I will not try them again. I cant say whether or not they worked, but I used them before my run tonight and I had a halfway decent run even if the taste stuck around. Id be curious to see if any others have tried this product.

Oh one last thing. I recently discovered the 80s station on my sirius satellite radio and boy am I hooked. I was a kid through the 80s and never really listened to this stuff much. Its weird how our tastes in music change. For me its techno, classic rock, 80s,90s grunge/alternative, and just a little rap. I used to be much bigger into rap. Not anymore.


Calyx Meredith said...

Hope the RD will let you start closer to the front! Better all around to have rational seeding when you can! As for the Power Bar Gel Blasts - I haven't seen, much less tried them. Thanks for letting us know your take on them, though!

Viv said...

Good luck this weekend! Bribe the RD with the crappy Power Gels. Tell the RD they are to delish..

teacherwoman said...

Good luck this weekend! You will rock it!

Stef said...

Those gels sound heinous -- thanks for the review.

You will rock that swim no matter when you start -- but I agree try to start with your age group -- get every advantage you can!!!!

LBTEPA said...

Ewww those gels sound foul.
What a good swim, you must feel very confident!
How stupid that the RD is acting like big = slow. Good luck with your race this weekend :)

D10 said...

You are going to have a great race this weekend, have fun. Can't wait to hear all about it. What is with people and having meetings at the worst times! I usually leave work at 4, so I know how annoying that 5:30 meeting must have been!

Ryan said...

I have to stick with gels, its hard to chew when I'm anaerobic.

Karma Karma Karma Karma Chameleon, you come and go, you come and gooooo ooooo.

I like the 80's stuff too

Wes said...

Unless you are going off in the first wave, forget about it. This is what I'm going to do, and it worked well for me last year.

Get in the front of the line and work your way down until you can barely stand up. Before the gun goes off, go deeper and tread water, then go. All the newbs will be in water where they can stand. If you stay in 6-8 foot deep water you should have a fairly clear shot.

I'll see ya there :-)

Marcy said...

Thanks for the heads up on the gels. Sounds NASTY!

I've been the same way (turning away from rap. I used to *heart* it a lot) I don't know if it's because I'm a Mom now, or just that everything new that comes out sucks LOL

cindy said...

Good luck this weekend...I know you will do so well on the swim!

Thanks for the gel review :/

80's music is awesome!!

akshaye said...

Yuck.. that does sound nasty. I hope you are able to make the switch with the RD. Good luck!

Nitmos said...

You know, for electrolytes, nutrition during a race or training, I can pretty much eat anything. Unless its distractingly bad, I never notice the flavor anyway. Though now I'll stay away from that product.

Katie Weaver-Jongerius said...

I have been wondering about those Power Gel Blast things...good to note! Good luck this weekend Kevin!!

sRod said...

"Then only day I ever possibly get to sleep past 6 AM is Sunday, and that really isnt even possible now that my rides are going to keep pushing beyond 2 hours."

That, my friend, is one of the many reasons you will not see me doing a triathlon.

Brian said...


Good luck racing this weekend!

Let Cathy know we are all wishing her good luck and a great race.

J~Mom said...

Very interesting, thanks for that product review!