Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Whateva Wednesday

So I havent run in over a week and have been itching to run. I really hadnt had any pain in my knee the last few days. So today was the day to get back to running. I was supposed to get up at 500AM to go to the gym before work. Unfortunately, I didnt sleep well so at 3AM as I was rolling in bed I decided to reset my alarm. I knew I would be out of work early so I could run and swim this afternoon.

So I went to the gym and jumped on the dreadmill. I planned on seeing how I felt and doing about 30-40 min at an easy pace. It felt decent. A few time i had a little bit of discomfort. I noticed if I adjusted my posture so I was standing up straight and just slightly picked up my cadence that my knee didnt hurt at all. So i ended up doing 4 Miles at just over a 9 minute pace.

So that was all good.I changed my clothes and hopped into the pool. I planned on doing my long base swim. As soon as I started swimming, I knew it wasnt going to be a great swim. my shoulders were sore and tired from Monday's hard sprints. So I took it easy and it was a little slower then i would've liked. I made it through it, but there were several times I thought about stopping. I had to talk myself through it. I was glad to get it done. During the cooldown, I did some breastsroke and boy did that bother me. My hamstrings and calves cramped up and I had some bad pain in my knee. Since I got home, any time I bend down at my knee, it hurts. So I am home right now Icing my knee. I am going to take tommorow off. I may even take off until my race on monday. I know I can race fast even with this knee pain if I need to.

Once I make it through Monday, I need to start figuring out what I am going to do. I am currently doing an olympic plan with added workouts through mid June. I am in the build phase of Oly and the Base phas of 70.3 . I am thinking about switching all over to 70.3 base, except maybe for my swimming. This may cut the intensity of my training back some. I figure I need to be back to 100% by mid June if I am going to pull off the 70.3 in September. I have a business trip in mid june. Worst case scenario, if I take it easy till I get back from that, I will have a month to rebuild any losses for my Oly in july and about 15 weeks till the SC 1/2. My only goal for the Oly is to complete it and have a good time. it will mainly be a warmup and trial and error for my 70.3 in Sept.

In the meantime I am going to continue icing/NSAID/stretching/foam rolling on a daily basis. If my knee still hurts next week, I will head out to see a sports med doc. I know I also need to plan on getting re-fitted on my bike sometime soon.

In other news, we were lucky enough to get our hands on the new Wii Fit system. While I was icing my knee, Cathy hopped on it to test it out. It seems pretty cool. It has a few functions that may actually help my running. There are various balance exercises that are supposed to help balance and posture. I hopped onto it for a few minutes and found out i tend to lean to the right and probably put too much weight on my heels. It also has a yoga function which I will definitely test out.


teacherwoman said...

Have you tried yoga at all? I heard that is great for the body... especially with running and all that other jazz. I know that when I was dealing with some knee issues a couple months ago I started to encorporate a bit of yoga (even 20 minutes) and it seemed to help. I am sure it really stretches those muscles good.

BTW, you mentioned your training plan ... what kind of a plan are you using. I am looking for a good tri plan but everything I find seems like the bare minimal and I have been doing more already...

take care of that knee. Be careful with it on your monday race.

Viv said...

Keep taking care of that knee. You still cranked out some fast four though :-)

akshaye said...

Thats rough.. I hope it feels better. I've added a 20 minute stretch routing that focuses on the legs and its helped my knee recover really well after the marathon. I probably made it a lot worse by running with it a few times - so give it a rest.

Wes said...

I lot of knee problems are due to imbalances. Muscles on one side are stronger than muscles on the other, front versus back, etc. Check out your strength training program to make sure you are doing the right kinds of exercises to strengthen your legs.

I, personally, always trained for my A races, then used my B races as training weekends. It keeps things simple, but your mileage may vary. It's a little harder when you jump to a new plan and the volume is less than what you are used to. But, that's where intelligent adjustments come into play.

Good luck with the knee issue... I know you want to be 100% for these races. We want you 100% too :-)

D10 said...

Glad to see you were able to go 4 today!

How is your stretching routine? I hate stretching but know how important it is. Your knee issues may be related to tight muscles. A PT may be able to suggest some good stretches.

I think you have a good plan giving your knee one more week and then seeing a sports med doctor. Fix the problem while you still have plenty of training time.

Marcy said...

You are the second person I've read today that has a Wii Fit. That is IT! I'm so going to the store today :P

Katie Weaver-Jongerius said...

For having that bum knee, you still got some miles in! Well done. Wes had some good advice about the strength training...check that out once.

Have a good one Kevin!

Brian said...

I've been looking over the SC half and it looks good. My dad lives near by so I might have to plunk my money down soon.

Did you already sign up?


Ryan said...

So here is my take as a large runner, granted I don't know anything about your running style but it is probably just like every other big guys.

I have had it all, shin splint, achilles, plantar faschia, ITB, Hip flexor problems.

The amount of "load" we put on our knees is tremendous.

You NEED to learn to become a mid-foot striker. I would be willing to bet that you are landing on your heel with your leg straightened on every landing. We all do because we are big and "slow."

Running strides, (barefooted in the grass sprints WILL get you off of your heels)
Track work with a lighter weight shoe that "hurts" if you keep landing wrong.
Pretend you are jogging behind someone and you are shortening your stride so you don't kick them in the back of their feet, pretend you are right on their ass, that close.

Spend the first 1.5 miles feeling like you are on your toes.

You've got to get off of your heels, I went from running 10 painful miles in a week to putting in an 80 mile week pain free.

Get off of your Heels!

Big Guys Unite!

Email me and I can give yousome more tips on how I changed.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Based on what you are saying, I think you should train FOR the 70.3and train THROUGH the oly.

My two cents. :)

Stef said...

Lots of good advice here -- I don't have anything to add other than take care of the knee and I hope you are pain free very soon!

Steph Bachman said...

I've found that doing running speed work hurts my knees. I don't know why that is. So, I don't do it. I just concentrate increasing my long run and mileage (very SLOWLY) and the other stuff just gets faster gradually as the miles seem shorter.

Jess said...

My husband is itching to get his hands on that WiiFit, but I'll let you test it and provide me with a report first!