Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Terrific Tuesday

Well yesterday I had a great run. Unfortunately afterwards I am suffering with a little bit of knee pain in the medial side of my right knee. This was supposed to be the first week of my HIM training, which for the next few weeks will be integrated into the Oly Plan I was working on. This week on the Oly Plan is a recovery week. I think I will take it easy this week and try next week to pick it up. I was thinking bout a duathlon on Saturday. No I will almost definitely skip it. Memorial Day's 10K is so much more important for me.

I didnt really feel the pain during my run, except when I was going down hill.I think I may be pounding my heels too much on downhills. Right now it doesnt hurt much. I only feel some minor pain going up the stairs and sometimes when I am sitting here and my knee is fully extended. So I will take a few days off of running and probably the bike as well. Today I will do a long base swim and take tomorrow off. I am stretching it several times a day and using my foam roller and The Stick to keep things loose.

So as I was saying, yesterday's run was great. I did a 14 Minute Tempo with 10 minute warmup and 10 minute cool down. My warmup was great, if possibly a little fast. For my tempo, I tried to keep it right around a 8 min mile pace.It mostly varied from 7:45 to 8:15 except for uphills. I did my my cooldown really slow at like a 10 min pace. Overall I did 3.72 miles in 34 minutes for an average pace of 9:08/mi

UPDATE: I have finally changed my banner. The picture in the bottom left is me and Cathy at our heaviest. I was 320 pounds in 2001. Right now I am 237.We are trying to get a picture of both of use so we can show people the progress we have both made. I will post it when I have one.

I have also been working to track my progress on a separate page Here . It is part of my plan to try and chronicle the 5 years since I did my first 5K in 2003. It looks like Cathy will be doing this same race as her first ever race on Memorial Day

ORN:3.72 mi 34 min 9:08/mi


Wes said...

Sometimes when the muscles in my legs are tight, they pull on the ligaments in my knee. A couple of days rest and some advil seem to always do the trick. I hope yours works out well for you!!

cindy said...

Nice tempo run!

I'm a chicken about running downhill...I worry about my old knees. I know it is good to get my leg muscles used to running downhill, but still I'm a chicken.

A Memorial Day 10K sounds fun :)

Nitmos said...

Kepp up with the stick and other leg stretches several times a day. It may seem like medieval torture but running and tri's seem that way to most folks anyway. So what's the difference?

Stef said...

Nice run!

I sometimes heel strike too much, usually when my mind wanders. When I catch myself doing it I repeat "form is everything" to myself a few times.

Memorial Day 10k will be fun!!!!

J~Mom said...

Just make sure you take it easy a few days and don't press the knee. You are doing great!!

swimshady said...

I had a similar knee issue a few weeks back and ended up having to take a week off running and then ease back into it. Hey, I'll be selling that new Plasma with the Zipps at the end of the season if you ride a 54cm or know anyone who'd want a good deal on it. I hope that knee heals up quick.

Marcy said...

Oooohhhh look at that pace! Very nice, very nice!!

Viv said...

I hope the rest and rollering is just what the knee pain needs, and gets better for you.

The new banner looks great! congrats to you and Cathy for all your hard work :-)

Steph Bachman said...

Seems like my knees act up whenever I do speed work. I think it's because I take steps that are too big (and because I run like a duck). Could that by your problem too (not the duck part).

Congrats on your great progress! Hope you have a super race on the 26th.

Tea said...

I love the new format!

You have made absolutely incredible progress. Congrats!

akshaye said...

Dude.. the banner is amazing!

Rest that knee. I am still recovering from mine after 2 months of running with it.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Love the new header! You've come a long way.

Don't do anything too crazy and further irritate the knee.

Annette said...

Take care of that knee. I agree with Wes about tight muscles elsewhere pulling on the knee. Stretch, ice, rest! Take care of it and run when your knee is ready.
By the way - you're making great progress on your weight loss!

Calyx Meredith said...

The new banner looks fantastic. You are doing a great job listening to your body. Hope the scaling back, stretching, etc helps. You sound excited to get to the Half Iron training plan. Memorial Day sounds fun - tell Cathy "Best of luck!" (And thanks for the encouraging words - you rock!)

cindy said...

The pictures at the top of your blog are awesome!!! (funny caption, too)

Ryan said...

Stretch for at least 10 minutes a couple of times per day.

Well done on the weight loss man!
Almost a C note. Damn! I bet your starting to run shut down a couple of local restaurants, right? You with me? Know what I mean? :)

I am about 50 lbs lighter than at my very heaviest,

Wow, where did all those little pains go? It is amazing how much better I feel lighter and in shape.

It is good to hear and see your progress.