Saturday, May 31, 2008

Overdid it today

So this morning I was up at 430 AM so I could meet up with the group. The main group meets at 645, but as people's distances are increasing at the same time the heat is, a group has begun starting with a 5 mile run at 545. So I wasnt sure how much I would run today. I did the first 5 miles and felt great. When we got back to the starbucks, I took my first gel and sucked down some water and refilled my bottles on my fuel belt. It was so humid this morning. I was already dripping wet after 5 miles. We waited for the rest of the group to get in and headed back out after about 5-10 minutes. I wasnt sure how much I wanted to do. Since the shortest published route was 6 miles( or at least it was supposed to be 6) I decided to try to do 6 knowing I could turn around or walk if I wasnt feeling up to a full 11 miles. Before I hurt my knee, I had run 10 miles about 3 weeks ago. So the next three miles were fine I was still feeling good.

Starting with mile 9, however, things went down hill (well actually it was up a hill, but my form went to pot). I could feel my legs getting tired and my form going to crap. When I am tired I can tell I heel strike much more. So mile 9 and 10 were filled with much walking. By midway through mile 11, my legs started to feel better. SO I picked it back up a little. At the same time, I realized that the route was going to be about 7-7.5 miles instead of 6. So I skipped one of the loops and stopped when I reached 11.5 with about .25-.5 miles to go. I walked the rest. During the run, my knee only hurt when I would strike my heel. After the run, I had a continuous dull ache in my knee. I came home and iced it and it feels ok. I think it would have been much worse if I tried to run on really tired legs.


I still need to do a swim today or tomorrow, and a 2 hr ride tomorrow. Ill see how my knee feels and take it from there. Hope all of you are having a great weekend



Calyx Meredith said...

You know you're committed to this when you start getting up in the wee sma's on Saturdays to train! Good on you for getting it in and also for listening to that knee and not overdoing it even more. Hope the swim and bike go well.

PreFan1982 said...

I feel you on the rough humid morning this morning. Hope you feel better

cindy said...

It's hard not to overdo it when you love it. I had a similar long run last weekend...started out great, but the heat just got to me during the last half.

Swimming should be a nice recovery and feel great!

Danielle in Iowa said...

I am so sad that summer is coming and making long runs sucktacular! And I am sure IA doesn't even compare to GA!

Marcy said...

Ewwwwwww running in the hot humid weather is always so nasty. Hope that knee is ok :-)

Stef said...

Sounds like a pretty good run overall. I think you did well listening to your knee -- I could not imagine running in heavy humidity. The heat is bad enough! Hope your workouts tomorrow are good!

Steph Bachman said...

Way to go on the walking. Seriously, it is hard to know when to cut back once you are already in your workout.

It was really humid yesterday. I was pouring sweat and we ran about the same time of day.

D10 said...

Don't get me started with the humidity! Great job on getting up early and on your run. Way to continue to listen to your body. Glad to hear the knee is getting better.

Hope you had a great day!

triguyjt said...

I would have done the one loop..gone into the s-bux and stayed there....LOL

good wanted to push..but you did not put youself on the disabled live to kick butt another day.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Sorry about your knee. I hope it is okay for swimming or cycling. I guess it depends on what is wrong with it.

Hope it gets back to 100% soon.

Gotta Run said...

Stupid knees!!! WHy do they not just behave and do what we need pain-free all of the time?!!

Hope the rest of your workouts went well.

This heat is something and will only get worse. Gotta love the summers in the good old south :)

teacherwoman said...

Nice job on the run ... I hope your ride today went well! :)