Monday, May 12, 2008

My new garmin rocks

So yesterday I got a chance to see how my Forerunner would work indoors as a HRM. I had a 2 hour long ride in zone 2. The weather was bad in the morning and super windy all day so I opted to hop on the trainer. Whats nice about the Forerunner is that once you program it, it can tell you what zone you are in so you dont have to memorize them.

My legs were a little tired from Saturday's 10 miler. It has been about 5 or 6 months since I have run that many miles. I decided to take it really easy. I think I am going to have to change the resistance on my trainer. It has 3 levels of resistance. I am currently using the middle resistance and ride the whole time in the big ring. I probably should move up to the hardest resistance so I have more options as far as resistance. Given that I have kept the resistance on the trainer steady.

I had the idea to track my relative "power" by coming up with a ratio of speed to cadence. As my speed increases at the same cadence (by pushing a smaller cog in the back) while the resistance stays the same (similar to riding a constant course) my power output must be increasing. How realistic this is, I dont know, but with all other factors staying relatively constant, there seams to be a correlation. So as I was saying, I was surpised at as low of a cadence I was pedaling, my avg speed was actually decent. So for instance yesterday my cadence was a low 75 with an average speed of 23.13 for a ratio of .308. My ride two weeks ago (which was only 90 minutes) was 24.04 avg speed at an avg cadence of 88. That days ratio was .273. If this method is anywhere close to valid, it shows I am making some definite improvement in my power output. Again this is something I thought up, and my be a bunch of hot air, but it seems to make sense. If you did the same course week after week, and were able to increase your speed at the same cadence, you have increased your power output. So I assume the same would hold true on the trainer

Today was a shortened swim. This week is a recovery week. I was happy to see my recovery time on the intervals back up to 45 seconds. Today's main set was an easy 4*100 followed by Sprint Intervals 5*75. I am definitely seeing improvement as my times continue to come down on the 75s. I will be happy when I can do them all under a minute. Today's splits were (56.88,58.36,59.72,1:02.62,1:01.43)

So as I said in the title, my new Garmin Forerunner 305 rocks. I like the fact that when I am on the trainer, the treadmill, or doing a spin class, I can wear my Garmin and get a readout of my HR throughout the workout. The next step is to do some Max HR and Threshold self tests to get a better idea of my fitness and be better able to manage my HR Zones

Sun OCN:2 Hours 45.38 23.13 mph
Mon OSN:1425 Yards


Tea said...

I loved my garmin... LOVED. past tense. my 301 just died this weekend. I knew it was coming. It was really old, and I couldn't read the screen anymore.

You will most certainly become addicted to that thing! It's the best invention EVA! Next to butt'r, that is.

Viv said...

The 301 does rock, but I have yet to learn all the tricks it has up it's sleeve.

Stef said...

Very cool about the Garmin and about your progress! I have no idea about power output stuff but what you said sounds good to me! Keep it going!

J~Mom said...

I totally agree about the Garmin..I have the 301 but love it!

Wes said...

HR training is the bomb. There are plenty of sites on the internet with the testing protocol for determining your zones. You have fun, and welcome to heart rate hell :-)

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I love my GArmin and it doesn't even have the HR feature. I can only imagine the added bonus of that feature.

Jess said...

I never thought of being able to use the HR monitor for other actitivies. That's an innovative use!

Marcy said...

I *heart* Garmin but I have the 205. You peeps and your HRs scare me LMAO! Too much info for this brain to process.

cindy said...

(laughing at Marcy's comment!) I have the 305 and my husband has the 205. He is totally into all that gizmo stuff and enjoys toying with every feature. I go in spurts. Sometimes I love it, but many times I enjoy just running without all the gadgets. I like it the best on my bike though!

Glad you're enjoying it...that garmin was a great invention!!

Ryan said...

Oh Oh!

Max HR tests?

Hold on to your socks and BRING THE PAIN!!!!!

Good luck.

Steph Bachman said...

You are going to love the 305. It really does keep the signal better than the 201s.

AND, you can upload directly into your BT log if you become a performance member there. I'm not yet, but it's on the list. : )

Oh, and Doug and I are doing the SC half this year too (our first).

akshaye said...

smashing.. youre doing a great sales pitch to me for the 305 :)

PreFan1982 said...

I love my 205. Maybe I should look into the 305 eventually.
Great job on your progress!!