Monday, May 5, 2008

My cool new threads

So my stuff from Team Javelin came in today. Because they didn't have this years two piece tri suit in 2XL, they sent me

This Year's 1 Piece

Last Year's 2 Piece

I tried them on and they ALL FIT! So I now have two brand new race outfit's. I cant wait to sport my new duds in a race.

Today's swim was quite tough. The main set was 5*100 Base (No Biggy) then 7*75 Sprint (been there done that) except the rest was only 20 seconds. Wow 20 seconds is definitely not enough time to catch your breath. Overall they didnt feel to bad, just a little tough. My next swim workout this week should be interesting since I get to do 200s with only 20 second rest. Well these are definitely making me stronger.

I think I have my schedule down, barring any unforseen circumstances. I have already signed up for the Chattanooga Waterfront Oly Tri on July 14th. I am committed to the S.C. 70.3 on Sept 28th (less then one year after my first tri and 3 days after my 31st B-Day) and will sign up by the end of the month. I may try to squeeze one more sprint or oly in if I can squeeze it into my schedule/budget.

Also, if the opportunity comes up I will definitely hook up with the the Getting 2 Tri group to do a relay with some of their physically challenged athletes . I had a great time last year at Tugaloo. I swam on a relay team with a legally blind teen and another guy who rode tandem, and an able bodied athlete who did the run. It is great what they are doing helping PC athletes to compete in triathlons.

I am going to run the Celebrate America 10K on Memorial Day. This race is super special to me since 5 years ago I ran the 5K as my first ever race(More on that in a later post). My goal is to go under 50 minutes. I will be joining 50,000 others to run the Peachtree Road Race on July 4th. Then in October I will run the Silver Comet 1/2 Marathon on the 25th. last year this was my first half and this year I plan on breaking 2 hours (2:13 last year limping the last half) 2 Weeks Later on the 8th of November I am planning on the Chickamagua Marathon. This one is probably the most iffy given my schedule, but I think I can space the long runs out and make it work. This is six weeks after the S.C. 70.3.

Last year was a big year for me with my 30th birthday, first half marathon, and first tri. I want this year to be even bigger. This year marks 5 years of running and I want to make it special. These 5 years have been just amazing. I have come so far from being a 320 pound couch potato to a runner, triathlete, and who knows maybe iron man? Ultra Marathoner?

I have been doing alot of thinking about the past, present, and future and am really excited about the direction I am heading. I feel realistically invincible. If I train hard and listen carefully to my body I can accomplish anything. I plan on doing a post sometime this month to chronicle my journey, and where I see myself in the future


teacherwoman said...

Ooh ... TWO tri suits? How cool is that!

Love the positive note on the bottom of you post! WONDERFUL! You are doing awesome!

akshaye said...

Two new suits! Thats great.

Your progress and journey is an inspiration to me.

J~Mom said...

Nice new suits!! Sweet!

WOOHOO! You are doing awesome!! I can't wait to read the journey!

ShirleyPerly said...

Love the colors of the new team uniform! Great to hear of your upcoming races and how far you've come. Keep up the good work!!

Jess said...

Nice new duds!

Wes said...

Awesome duds, dude :-) Training for a half Ironman AND a marathon that close together could be tough. I was talked out of that very thing last year. You, however, are an animal! Make it happen!!

Viv said...

The tri outfits are supah cool! All matchy matchy just like I love it. I am so in awe, 5 years ago your first 5K and look at you on your way to banging out a IM70.3. AWESOME!

Marcy said...

Oooooooo I LOVE the new threads! Very sweet!

Holy wow, you've come so far already! I enjoy being able to see you're journey :-)

Sam said...

Great suits. That is a lot of races to pack in such a short time. I'm tired just reading about them.

cindy said...

Hey, I like those tri suits :)

You have accomplished a lot of awesome things, and I look forward to reading about your journey...awesome!

Mendy said...

Yeah Kevin! Looks like it's all looking up for you!

2 new suits is awesome.

Looks like we'll get to meet. I'll be at the SC Half in one capacity or another. ;-)

Heather said...

Two new outfits-- and how sleek! That is awesome.

I'll be at the Celebrate America race too... only, way behind you.
Actually, I'll be at several of those races! Not racing them, (and I'm slower than you even if I were) but feel free to say Hi before or after if you see me!!!

How far you've come (and how fast you've gotten) is incredible!!!

Shawn said...

Nice Suits!
I would love to read your post about your journey!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Awesome to see just how far you have come. You are absolutely right, there is nothing you can't accomplish with the right attitude and a plan. Can't wait to hear about the next goal.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

WooooHoooo on the new suits. NICE!!!

And you are really doing a great job. :)

D10 said...

It's always fun to get new gear! Getting 2 Tri sounds like such a wonderful program, I am sure they appreciate your support.

You have a busy year, well actually busy 6 months ahead of you. I am sure you will reach all your goals.

Makita said...

Sweet new threads! Can't wait to read about your journey. You are invincible! :D