Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Letter H

Hey homies, hows it hangin?

Today's blog is brought to you by the letter H

Hail: My day started early when I was awoken at 4AM by hail and horizontal rain. Went back to sleep, alarm went off at 5:20 . I turned it off, next thing I know, its 6:05 an I need to be on my way out the door in 10 minutes. So I grabbed my stuff with Cathy's help ( What would I do without her sometimes?) and head off for my run.

Hills: The saturday group run course is usually posted by Friday afternoon. When I went to bed at 10:30 last night no new route had been posted. Well I get to the starbucks we meet up at to find out that guess what? We are doing the same hilly run from last week. Ugh.

Hot: It is starting to get hotter and the sun is coming up earlier. I am definitely going to have to start my longer runs earlier. Some of the group is already starting their long runs earlier. Guess I'll be up before 5AM on Saturdays.

Humid: because of the rain, it was super humid. It averaged 84% humidity.

Heart Rate: I am glad that with my new Garmin 301, I can see my HR as I run. I knew I needed to take it easier today because of the hills/heat/humidity so I kept a close watch on my HR as it began to creep up. Any time it crept up over 175 (except when running uphill) I would slow down to keep it in check.

While I wouldnt call my run hellish, horrible, or even horrendous, it definitely wasnt my best. The worst thing is tonight we may have the same nasty weather through tomorrow. Ugh

I did 10 miles in 1:41:00 for an avg pace of 10:06 avg hr 172
M Pace HR
1 8:41 172
2 9:24 173
3 9:42 173
4 10:27 176
5 9:21 176
6 10:18 177
7 10:45 173
8 10:45 173
9 11:16 168
10 10:45 170


J~Mom said...

oH Happy day! tHat looks like a great run! Ha!

sRod said...

Hi Kev--thanks for stopping by. Looks like it wasn't your day, but everything seemed to turn out well for you. I've never run with a Garmin, partially because I'm concerned that it would distract me the whole time with all it's bells and whistles.

Calyx Meredith said...

Holla back! Thanks for the help with HR zones!! We had a similar H day (hail, heat, humidity and all) but sadly my run wasn't as long or as fast as yours! (Working on that!) Glad you like your new Garmin (Do you have the 301 or the 305? I don't know the difference but I have the 301 so I wondered.) Peace.

Kevin said...

I have the 305. I had previously had the 201 (which came out as the same time as the 301) The 305 is an upgrade from the 301. It has so many more programmable options then my 201. It has much better satellite reception and it has a multisport mode that I can set up and automatically switch from bike to run in a brick and can add transition time in a race.

Stef said...

Congrats on the new Garmin and also toughing it out on your run through the H's. Pace looks good to me, I look forward to breaking through to a 10:xx pace myself on my runs.

I've heard good things about the 305 -- have fun with it!

Marcy said...

Yuck! The humidity always kills me. I hate that stuff. Looks like a great run though ;D ;D

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Humity of 84% ?!?! That would kill me. seriously.

I think you did a Heckuva run for your H day. Good job.

D10 said...

I am not looking forward to the humidity NC summers bring. Nice job on your run even if it wasn't your best. Ten miles in 1:41 is still good especially when hills are involved!

Good for you for getting a new Garmin! REI did have a great sale, that is where I got mine.

akshaye said...

Yea.. sucky weather today. Cool. you got the heart rate thing on the 305! Nice run.

Wes said...

Yea, we had some sucky weather come through didn't we? Congrats on the new toy. I {heart} me toys, especially Garmin ones :-)

Nitmos said...

This is the running season up my way but getting too hot down your way it looks like.

Another one: Hooray! (for doing 10 in less than desirable conditions).


Sam said...

Good run. It will be some time before I can run 10 miles.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Great job on a tough run. All those H's will make your next race seam so much easier.

cindy said...

HOLY MOLY! Way to persevere through all those H's.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Nice going with all those H's and miles!!!


teacherwoman said...

Nice job on the long run!