Friday, April 11, 2008

What crazy weather we have

Wow. So I pulled up the Weather channel's website and what do I see. 81 DEGREES IN GA IN APRIL!!. I dont know whats worse, the fact that its 81 degrees or that by Sunday night the low is in the upper 30s. What a difference a day makes. And of course as seems to be the case in GA these days, we have our weekly strong thunderstorms for tonight with rain through tommorow AM. I am hoping its not too bad in the AM so I can get my run done outdoors instead of on the treadmill. I went out to performance bike today to get arm warmers. I have a long sleeve skin tight running shirt I usually wear underneath my jersey, but I wanted the arm warmes so I can take them off as I start to warm up on Sunday's long ride. That is one thing I never got accustomed to this winter was dressing right for the weather on the bike. And since I may do as much as 3 hrs on an out ab back course, I need something I can take off and stow in my pockets.

Last nights swim was great. It had me thinking back to all the good times in swim team in HS. I had so much fun back then. This was one of my hardest workouts since then. After the usual warmup and pull drills, the main set was 4*200 @threshold with 45 seconds rest. I was able to keep a rather consistent time throughout while still keeping the pace up. I was so happy when I looked at my watch afterwards and saw my times for each 200 (3:09,3:13,3:13,3:14).

I am finally getting consistent in my training,performance, and diet and it is really beginning to pay off. I am getting so antsy to get in a race, but I know, the longer I wait, the better it will be.

I was thinking this morning about my big feats at 30. Since I turned 30 last September I did my first 1/2 marathon and my first tri. I will have done my first Oly tri in june. The SC Half iron is in the end of Sept, 3 days after my B-Day. If I keep things up I may just strive to finish 30 with a bang (Yeah I know I will have turned 31, but heck it would only be 3 days so I think it still counts) I havent firmly committed to this yet, but it is a real strong possibility at this point.

Between allergies, weather, and the fact this has been a pretty hard week I have decided to take today off (probably). After tommorow's run my wife and I have a followup appointment with Ilana our nutritionist. I need to sit down with her and talk nutrition regarding two-a-days andtraining ride/runs over an hour. Other then that, my weight loss seems right on track.

Hope everyone has a great weekend


Wes said...

You are super speedy in the water!! Very nice! Have a great weekend. I'm not sure if it is going to rain at all tomorrow, so I'm keeping my options open. I never invested in any arm warmers, but I think I've seen the light this winter, fer sure :-)

J~Mom said...

I still don't understand all the swimming lingo. :>P

I have been at the same weight +/- 5 pounds for a long, long time now. I thought for sure the OLY training would get some pounds off. SIGH I think I may need to head to a nutritionist if I can't make any headway after this training round.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Sounds like you've already made year 30 into a great one. So many accomplishments!! Good stuff.

Marcy said...

80's sounds like heaven to me ;D I'm about to pee my pants in excitement over the low 70's later in the week! Living in upstate NY will do that to a girl :P