Thursday, April 17, 2008

The wetsuit has landed

Ok I now I am being overly excited about a large piece of rubber, but I kinda feel like a real triaflete now. I came home after the gym and opened it up and looked it over. It didnt look bad. It had what looked like a few "runs" or wrinkles but otherwise it was ok. I pulled it on and it fit like a glove. I only have two concerns. One, it is a sleeveless. According to This site they are rated for 50 degrees and up so I dont think it will be too bad. Plus, I have fairly high tolerance for cold water. My second concern is that below mid calf it is a little loose. It sounds like this may be intentional to make it easier to take off during transition. Above this point it seems tight enough. If anyone has any tips or links to sites with wetsuit tips, it would be much appreciated, especially on the proper way to wear it as I remember reading somewhere there is a right and wrong way to wear a wetsuit.

Ok, now onto today's training. I am midway through a recovery week. Today was a swim day with a total of 1250 with the main set being tempo intervals of 3*200(0:45 Rest). Overall, I felt a little tired. It may just be my breathing. I just couldnt seem to keep a steady rhythm going with my breathing. I will be so glad when the pollen counts finally go down. So I finished up my workout and thought I had had a so-so session. Boy was I surprised when I pulled out my log to update it and I found out my splits were actually faster then last weeks threshold workout. Last weeks splits were (3:09,3:13,3:13,3:14) and today's were (3:03,3:08,3:10). I couldnt believe it. I continue to be amazed at the progress I am making.

Tomorrow I may try to do my run, so I dont have to worry bout squeezing it in on Saturday. My big plan for Saturday is to meet up with the group, including Wes and Sarah for a swim in the lake.

Hope things are going well for everyone,



Jess said...

Sorry, my knowledge of rubber is restricted to items not related to tris :)

Wes said...

Oh Jess, no you di'nt! ROFL!!

Since your wet suit is sleeveless, that makes it easy :-) Make sure you put something slippery on yo legs (body glide, Pam cooking spray, conditioner, etc). You want the cuffs in your legs as high as you can get them. This allows you to pull the crotch of the wet suit up until it is snug, in the crotchticular region.

I think, and doubt sincerely, if you will ever wear the wet suit in less than 57-60 degree water. For a Georgia triaflete, it'll be just fine. :-D

See ya tomorrow!!

Sam said...

I think the sleeveless is the way to go in this part of the country. I only put body glide around my neck and armpits so that the suit does not rub me as I swim. You are going to love swimming in the wetsuit.

Marcy said...

ROFLMAO at Jess! I have to share the same sentiments :P

cindy said...

You're gonna love new wetsuit is my "baby" now. I never knew what I was missing!

I bet you'll love the sleevless because you can still wear it in summer races without getting too hot.

I'm no expert on the sizing. I returned my first one for a smaller size because it was just too easy to get on and it was way too loose behind my knees and through the torso. I'm happy with a really snug fit. It seemed to stretch some once wet. I've read that it's a good fit as long as it's not too short or long in the torso, and it should feel like a second skin.

I'm sure everyone's different. ENJOY!!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Thanks for stopping by my humble little blog.

I think Wes hit all the important points. The first time in the water, just make sure it doesn't take on a ton of water. If it does, it's too loose.

Have fun!

Katie Weaver-Jongerius said...

Oh dear...all this talk of rubber is just too much!

You are gonna love that wetsuit!!

J~Mom said...

Good luck with it! I will be asking you for tips when I get mine!

akshaye said...

Nice.. enjoy your new suit!