Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Week 7 First Week of Build Phase

Wow I have made it through the base phase and I am feeling really good. I feel stronger and wiser and ready to push myself hard through the build phase. Yesterday I did a brick. I did the B-n-B ride in Buford. I felt pretty good. I pushed it up each of the hills. I still need to work the long,slow,steady hills. They kick my butt. I am really considering meeting up with the NAMSC group on Wednesdays to drag my butt up Kennesaw mountain. Once I was done with the ride I did an easy 10 minute brick run. I was a little slower then last week. I do need to remember I just raced on Sunday.

Tonight's workout was a good swim. The LAF by work I usually go to in Sandy Springs is almost always kinda warm. Today it felt like a sauna. I thought I was back in Florida in the middle of the summer. This definitely did not make my swim enjoyableIt started out with my usual 250 W/U followed by 3*50 pull with paddles. The main set had two parts. The first was a 5*100 base interval. Not too bad. Felt good. The second part was 6*75 sprints. I pushed myself as hard as I could. I could tell my arms were still a little tired but they still were fast. Finished off with 3*50 kick and 250 C/D.

Up tomorrow is a spin class with my wife.

I received my final results from Sunday's Race. I was 9th overall and 4th in men under 40. There were about 70 competitors all together. Not too bad even if there were a large amount of first timers.

Swim (10 Min)Bike (30 Min)Run
537.5 Meters12.9 Miles (25.8 mph)2.3 Miles (6.9 mph = 8:41 /mi )


akshaye said...

I had my gym for the same reason.. they always have it too warm.

Good workout riding those hills!

Wes said...

That's a good swim. My plan has me doing two bricks a week, really to make up for the fewer training hours. It definitely helps and kicks my butt!

Congrats again on a great indoor tri!!

cindy said...

Congratulations on the indoor tri results! 4th in your age group and 9th overall is awesome!!

Good job getting through the base phase of your training feeling good, too :)

J~Mom said...

Nice job at the triathlon! Your numbers all look really fast! Man, if I could only run that fast! :>D