Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Uneventful Monday

So, nothing really exciting going on here. This week is a rest week on my plan. Yesterday was a 1400 swim with the main set being 4*100 @Z2 and 5*75 sprint. I was definitely a little tired still from Sunday's long ride. All together it didnt go too bad. My times were 58.35, 59.82, 1:00.50, 1:01.45, 1:02.01. I guess the consistency wasnt too bad with the first and the last only having a difference of 3.5 seconds. I did notice in my sprints that I am splashing too much somewhere. I am not sure if it is my arm coming out of the water, or (more then likely) my arm going into the water. I was swallowing alot of water when I was breathing, so I know I am definitely splashing too much. I will continue to work on my stroke. I may need to focus on how my hand/arm enters the water when I sprint.

Today is up in the air. My original plan was a 70 min ride today. I knew I could do this ride either today or Thursday. Because it will be 20 degrees warmer on Thursday, I decided to postpone it to Thurs.So that makes today either a rest day or a run day. I am a little tired right now, but I always seem to get extra energy later in the day. So we shall see.

I finally found a used wetsuit. I posted a wanted add on SlowTwitch and got a response. It went out this morning so I am hoping to have it before the weekend. If it does, I may join several others for an OWS on Saturday.

As of now I am about 99.9 percent sure I am going to do the SC 1/2 IM. After Sunday's long ride, I now know I will be able to accomplish this with the proper training. I plan on starting a 20 wk plan in Mid May. The challenge is to merge the HIM plan with my current OLY Plan. At least my OLY race is only 5 weeks into the HIM plan. Because I will be in the build and peak phases, currently doing 2* a week per sport, I will likely add the 3rd day of each to my existing Oly plan and add the easier days since I will be pushing on the days currently planned for the Oly. At least I still have a few weeks to tweek this plan



Wes said...

I've struggled with the same "integration" issues you have. I think your best option, and one I intend to implement for Ironman training, is just swap your Oly training for the first five weeks of your HIM training. The workouts should be comparable or even above where you would be in the HIM training anyways.

Glad you found a wet suit. Hope to see you on Saturday!!

Marcy said...

YAY on finding a wetsuit! You triathletes, I have NO idea how you all don't go broke with all the stuff you have to get hehe.

Kevin said...

It can be expensive. I have done well buying things on the cheep. I bought my bike on craigs list. I found my wetsuit on the Slowtwitch forums. I have bought most of my bike accessories on sale at performance bike, and have bought most of my clothes either at the Izumi outlet or on ebay. Now when it finally comes time to do a full ironman, then Ill need to be prepared to dole out some big bucks

J~Mom said...

A wetsuit is on my list..I will have to watch some of the forums, that is a good idea! That is exciting about the HIM!!

akshaye said...

Glad you scored on the suit. Good luck with the plan!

Brian said...

SC 1/2 IM, sounds good, I looking now at the data book.
Wetsuits are key, I can tell ya because I don't have one. I ordered one last night, so I hope to have it in a week or two.

Good luck with your training, see ya on the road.


cindy said...

Nice consistency on the swimming!

Two words...WETSUITS ROCK!!

I also had to figure out my training with an oly tri integrated into my half iron training. I did what Wes said, and it worked out. :)

Good luck!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Yay for finding a wetsuit!!