Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Splashtastic Wednesday

Well taking a day off yesterday really paid off. By this afternoon, I felt pretty good. I hit the pool tonight for a total of 1800 yards. My main set was 5*200 Threshold interval's with only 30 seconds rest this week instead of the usual 45. Wow those 15 seconds do really make a difference. I could barely catch my breath and it was time to set off on my next set. I have to admit I do like the 200s. In HS 200 was my favorite distance. My splits were just a tad faster then last weeks (2:59.31,3:05.25,3:09.57,3:12.55,3:10.75) 5*200 with 45 seconds of rest. The only thing I need to work on is my breathing. For me it is more of a mind over body thing than anything. I almost exclusively breathe on my left. When I am swimming fast I often find myself breathing on every left arm stroke. If I skip breathing, I can then go several strokes before needing a breath. So I am really going to focus on my breathing as well as doing some breathing drills every time I get into the pool. Tomorrow I plan on doing my dreadmill intervals originally scheduled for yesterday.

Looking at my totals, my numbers continue to increase at a good steady pace. Wow I cant believe tomorrow is May 1st. In less then 2 weeks I start my 20 week 70.3 Plan.

April 2008
Swim: 16,925 Yards, 9.62 miles
Bike: 170.84 miles
Run: 40.55 miles


Wes said...

Bilateral breathing is a good skill to develop. I watched the pros at IM AZ, and they were breathing every other stroke. My Swim Coach also said she breaths every other stroke in races as well. She finished 5th in her age group at St. Anthonys.

You are damn fast in the pool :-)

Brian said he wanted to meet at Dallas Landing at 9:30 am. Come out of if you want.

Marcy said...

"Splashtastic" LOL Too bad I'm not a swimmer, otherwise that would be my word of the week hehe

Makita said...

Bilateral breathing is definitely a good skill to work on... when I was swimming I generally took a breath every 3rd stroke but aimed for every 5th (when I was rested). I can't wait to get back in the pool! :D

Sam said...

Good month. Most long distance swimmers that I watched breathe every other stroke to get more oxygen. It makes sense but when I breathe every other stroke I feel like I'm rushed and can't relax. Just find what’s right for you and go with it.

Brian said...

Great numbers, and I agree with Wes you fast on the swim!

Like Wes said we are going to do a training session @ Dallas Landing Sunday, so come on out if you can.


Jess said...

Glad you're feeling better!

cindy said...

You're a fast swimmer...way to push through those 200's!

My rest breaks between intervals never feel long enough..hehe.

Your training is cruising along at a great, steady pace!!

Viv said...

Sweet splits in the pool, Kevin! I am excited to follow you through your training journey for the
70.3. That is my dream race. Cheers to a great 20 weeks!

teacherwoman said...

Your numbers look awesome! :)

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I bilateral breath when I go slow, but when I go faster, I swtich to unilateral breathing. I'm still working on it

You're fast in the water!!

J~Mom said...

Great numbers for April! I totally need to work on the breathing as well. I practice it with my drills but it is just taking some time!