Monday, April 21, 2008

Random Thoughts

Well yesterday was supposed to be a brick day. I woke up early but didnt feel right. I have been fighting allergies and asthma for the last few weeks. And the last week my asthma has been bad. So I decided to scrap the brick at least for the AM. If I felt better I could get on the trainer and run in da hood. I knew Cathy had also expressed interest in going to the gym to swim. So I decided to swap my days and swim on Sunday and try to do my brick on Monday.

So the swim plan for Sunday was a total of 1825 yds. The two main sets were 5*100 Base intervals then 7*75 Sprints. My splits were decent (58.57,59.16,1:01.34,1:02.12,1:01.97). It was consistent with last weeks sprints. I am glad at least I can pace myself well when swimming.

Tonight was going to be a brick. I drove out to Buford to do the Board n Bike Monday night ride. The Plan had called for 70 followed by a 10 min run. I got there early enough to get started so I could get my whole bike in. I felt pretty good. Unfortunately as seems to be the case on the bike, I went out too fast. I was close the front of the group for about the first 5-10 minutes. By then my legs felt great, my HR wasnt too bad, but my breathing was aweful. As soon as I had a chance, I backed off and never really caught back up. Through the rest of the ride I tried to push myself without getting out of breath. I had to take it really easy up my nemesis of this ride "the hill". Normally I try to push myself, because hills are my weak point. When I got back to my car, I threw my bike in the car, took a puff of my inhaler and tried to head out for a quick brick. Well I made it a few blocks and had to stop. While my legs felt great and my hr was down, my breathng was aweful. I didnt want to push it.

During the ride, I did have some thoughts about my cycling. I think I need to practice more on choosing the right gear. I think too often I am pushing too big a gear. I feel like Ive got a decent amount of power, but I am wearing myself out too fast. I also think this is related to my minor on and off pain in my right knee. That and I think when I am pushing hard, I am pushing down more with my right knee.

Putting my schedule together combined with looking at my training results has me doing alot of thinking. Based on Friday's good long run I think I need to push myself a little faster on my long runs. Unfortunately, this means running ahead of my normal group. There are a few runners who run faster, but they are not always there. I think I am going to start pushing my LSD pace to around 9/9:15 instead of 10:15. Its amazing it only took me 6 years to make real progress. I will never skip out on speed work again. I am getting really antsy to race since I am making all this progress. I have also been looking at my schedule and thinking how I may fit a marathon into it. I figure if I can get through a 6+ hour 70.3 race, a 4 hour marathon shouldnt be too bad. I dont know if I can squeeze one in before the end of the year, or if I should wait early 2009. There is a full marathon about a month after my 70.3 race, so to do that one, I would need to fit in a few 15+ milers into my 70.3 training and then do a 20 miler between my 70.3 and the Marathon. I know it may be crazy, but right know I feel like I can do anything if I train properly.

One final note: I am determined to suffer no more with allergies and asthma. I have made an appointment to go see an Allergy/Asthma specialist. I saw one last year and didnt have the greatest results. I dont want to suffer through Asthma any more. I dont care if it takes drugs, shots, or whatever. I am sick of suffering through this. My breathing is definitely hampering my training. I need to have this worked out before next month when I start my 70.3 training.


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

When you talk about your LSD pace, it reminds me that I used the McMillan Race Calculator. It not only predicts race times based on past performance, but gives guidelines on LSD vs tempo paces. It seemed to work like a charm for me. Maybe see what it suggests?

akshaye said...

The pollens been really bad around here. But seeing the specialist would most definitely help. Hope you feel better!

Marcy said...

Dang, a marathon too? I don't think it's crazy. Consider it just wanting to pack in as much fun as possible LOL

Wes said...

The best way to choose your gear is to keep your cadence in the 85-90 range. Did you have a bike computer with cadence? That's the way to go...

As far as the marathon goes, I highly recommend you not mix the two together. I wanted to mix a half iron in last year with my marathon training and someone far wiser than I am talked me out of it. Marathons are not going anywhere and are great for late fall and winter training. The Atlanta Marathon is on Thanksgiving, and I did Huntsville in December of last year, and its a good one too, nice and flat :-)

As far as running goes, I agree with Lisa. Your training pace should be 1.5 to 2 minutes slower than your race pace. For a race, you taper the recover. When training, you gotta get back out and do it again tomorrow.

Sounds like you are having fun and making great progress! Keep kickin ass!!

Jess said...

It took a long time for me to push myself out of my comfortable LSD pace, but pushing my speed has really paid off. I would suggest starting the speed change in shorter runs, then applying it to the longer distances, though.

Katie Weaver-Jongerius said...

I can't imagine trying to train with asthma! I would curl up into a ball and cry like a baby. I hope the specialist helps and you start feeling better soon!!

J~Mom said...

I started taking Zyrtec about 2 years ago and it has helped my asthma more then anything else. I also carry albuterol with me, and if I am having a wheezy day then I will take a puff before starting out (that was my docs advice).

I hope you figure out something that can help!!

triguyjt said...

kevin...props to you on how hard you are training..and especially battling the pollens and stuff./..

keep kicking ass