Thursday, April 3, 2008

My first tri of the season is almost here

I am really excited that its almost time to race. I plan on going out there and really pushing myself to the limit. I want to see where I am right now. I am going to treat each individual event as a time trial. I may repeat this on my own later in the season to see how I am progressing. Today I started running through my mind how I am going to handle each event and especially the transitions.

In the pool today I tested out my watch's interval timer. I was able to hear it under water. I think I may set it to go off every 2.5 minutes. That'll help me keep time and pace myself.

Next comes T1. You have 10 minutes to get out of the pool and get to the bike. I am going to wear my normal training bathing suit. I was contemplating today if I want to rinse off real quick or not to get some of the chlorine off. Then I need to dry off quickly. I think my chamois will come in handy here. Then I need to get changed grab all my biking AND running gear, run to the spin room, adjust the hight of the bike and be ready to ride in less then 10.

Then comes the next dilemma. T2 is only 5 minutes. I am really not sure that 5 minutes is enough time to change from cycling shourts to running shorts. they reccomend bringing all your running gear to to the spin room. I prolly could wear my tri shorts for the ride and run, but the last time I tried them on they were a little snug.

Then I was thinking about pacing: do I just go all out and risk running out of steam. do I shoot for one steady pace, or should I break each event into 3/4 intervals and go heard/easy/hard. I know...I know...I am overanalyzing things. I just need to get in there and push it.

On the weight loss side, things are going well. I have been on this "diet" for almost 2 weeks and have lost 7 pounds so far. My clothes are starting to fit much better. And, I dont have to many cravings. Ilana's plan really is working for me. I am so excited. I will be glad this summer when I can fit into things I havent fit in for a few years.

Tomorrow is an off day. Saturday I am hoping to get a run in with my peeps if the weather cooperates. I the weather is bad, I may just hit the gym for an easy spin class.

Hope everyone's training is going well,


Wes said...

LOL!! 10 and 5 minutes is about 3 times the amount of time it should take you in a normal tri to "transition"! You will find that you can really take your time on this indoor tri, so by all means, change clothes, towel off, whatever. Relax. You are going to do well!!

In regards to your remark about buying a wet suit at Costco... Tri wet suits are made specifically for us to aid us in swimming. They have less restrictive motion in the arms and more buoyancy to keep us on top of the water. I just bought Dee Dee a top of the line last years model on eBay for 1/3 the cost. If you can figure out what size you need, eBay is a great source for a wet suit.

teacherwoman said...

Nice job on the weight loss! You are going to do awesome on that tri :)

Kevin said...

Thanks for the info Wes. I know those wetsuits are not made for tri's. I have read mixed reviews form people who have actually used them in tri's. My plan wasnt to actually use it in a race, but to get in the lake a little sooner. I can stand rather cold water, but right now its probably too cold. I have been looking on ebay and on the web for tri specific wetsuits. I may be able to get one for around 100 which is doable(with my wife's permission of course)

I just need to decide if I need a full one or a short sleeve/leg one

akshaye said...

Kevin - Good luck with the upcoming season!