Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I feel the need...The need for speed

I am glad to be back at 100%. Tonight's plan was a swim. I am in the last week of my base phase and this was the first week that had some short sprints in the plans. I opened up with my usual warmup and felt pretty good. I knew I was short on time since the aquarobics took over the pool at 6. My pull sets felt really fast. the first part of my main set was 6*100 (25 Build/25 descend/25 B/25D) . My arms felt strong my flip turns were right on. Each one I pushed just a little bit harder. Then came the real fun. The second part of the main set was 6*25 Sprints. I pushed each one harder and faster. I havent felt this good in the pool since I swam in HS. I felt really strong

I am really running through scenarios in my head for Sunday's Indoor tri. It consists of a 10 min swim/ 10 Min T1/30 Min Ride on a spin bike/5 Min transition from Bike to Treadmill/20 min on treadmill.

As I was swimming today I thought I should test on Thursday if I can hear my watch go off under water so I can set an interval timer so I know how much time is gone so I can pace well. I am also happy to hear spectators are allowed so my wife can take lots of pics so I can sit down and analyze my swim form. The swim is my strongest, but I think if I can see some good pics, I can tweak my form and really hit it fast.

I am really looking forward to this event to really push myself and see where I really am at.


Brian said...

Hey Kevin,

Thanks for posting on my blog, now we know each other.
Looks like some of the races on your calendar are some of the same I have been looking at.

Glad to hear you're feeling 100%, I've been up and down this winter but also feeling pretty good myself.

Me and another blogger Wes are going to ride the Silver Comet Sunday, if you looking for a ride.

Train smart train strong,


teacherwoman said...

Goodluck with your indoor tri this weekend! You will do great! And, most importantly, have fun! :)

Wes said...

I can hear my watch beep under water when I'm pushing off from the wall. Not sure I can here it when my arm is further away though. Have a great indoor tri this weekend! Rock and roll!!

cindy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Good luck with your indoor tri this weekend!!

Kevin said...

After reading teacherwoman's report from her Lifetime indoor tri, I am hoping that they do it the same way at mine so I have some idea of timing without trying to take a peek at my watch