Thursday, April 10, 2008

Go Away already pollen

The pollen is killing me. Its amazing how 150 is extremely high and our count today is 2800. This is the one thing I hate about Georgia. We never had this problem in South Florida. OH well at least its only for a few months.

Last night I did a spin class with my wife. That may be my last LAF spin class. I have been having some on and off knee pains. Well I realized last night that their bikes are the likely culprit. I dont know if the seat is too wide, or the pedals too close together, but I cannot bring my knees inward and they seem to stick outward. I think this is putting pressure on my knees. That combined with the fact that my legs were tired from the last three days (race,ride,swim) made last night more of a recovery ride.

So as seems to be the case one bad workout is followed by a great one. In order to fit everything in this week and still spend time with my wife I decided to double up today. This morning I got up and went to the gyme to run on the treadmill. Todays plan called for my first real speed work in 6+ years I have been running. I did a 10 min warmup at 10:00/mi then I did 14* (30@7:30/30@10:00) finally I cooled down for 10 @ 10:00/mi for a total of 3.64. It felt great, I really didnt tire at all. I can wait to run a 10K and see how I can do.

Tonight is another good swim. Tommorow is up in the air. I may do a spin class with the wife as a recovery or I may jump in the pool and just swim some distance. Saturday is a long run. I am hoping the weather will cooperate so I can run with the group. Sunday I plan on hitting the comet for a 2-3 hour ride. Hope everyone's training is going well for them


Wes said...

Yea, if the you are clipped in (I assume the spin bikes are like those at my gym where you clip in), then it is very important to get the seat at the right height and forward position. Repetative motion has a way of highlighting defecencies in form :-)

I've got a three hour ride scheduled at the Silver Comet Sunday as well. No particular time set, other than I need to be at the soccer fields at 5 PM for my adult games. 1.5 of those hours will be at race pace (18+ mph), probably somewhere in the middle.

If you want to try and meet up, email me. I'll probably opt for early (8 AM or so).

cindy said...

Hope the knees are feeling better. I was surprised when I first started spinning/biking that my knees hurt...I thought biking was supposed to help your knees!

Like Wes said, the seat position is pretty important.

J~Mom said...

I have also heard that your knees can hurt from the wrong seat height. Probably smart to stay away from there unless you can change the height.

akshaye said...

The pollen has been crazy this week. I had to go to the doc since my allergies get terrible.

Enjoy your planned workouts.

Marcy said...

Thanks for stopping by ;D

Looking good with the workouts ;D Bummer ont eh knees though :-(

Gotta Run said...

You keep working out like you are and your weight loss numbers will continue to grow for sure!!

Love the earlier post on your indoor Tri. What a great new idea that seems to be hittin gmore and more areas. Really opens it up to more people.

Sam said...

I've been in GA for over 25 years and this is the first year I've noticed the pollen. I kept wondering why my noise was running. Other then that all is good and along with the pollen comes the nice weather!

I was thinking the same thing as Wes about your knees - the seat is not in the right location.