Sunday, March 9, 2008

Wow I made it through a full week

Well this week is the first in awhile that I made it through all the planned workouts. It feels good to have made it through it all. The only thing I need to do is to better plan out my weekend workouts which shouldnt be too hard.

Ok, so I decided to sleep in again. Ive been making an effort to get enough sleep. I hadnt exactly planned out my route. I knew I had an hour ride followed by a 10 min run. My original plan was to start out at the Starbucks on Windward that I do my group runs from. Well when I finally got out the door it was 11AM so I decided to start out on big creek greenway and do a loop out on Webb bridge rd in Alpharetta. This was my first ride out on the road in several months. I am glad to finally get out and off the trainer. So I drive down to the North end of the greenway by the YMCA. Well when I got there I decided to use the restroom before I headed out. I walk over and find out they are CLOSED for the winter. UGH. So I decide to drive down to the south end where I know it will be open. Of course on my way down, I got stuck in the traffic coming out of one of the local churches. So I get down there, finally. I make a quick stop in the restroom. OK So I am ready to go, I head out and half a mile in, I am freezing my butt off. I havent ridden outside here at all in the winter so I wasnt prepared. I rode back to my car and luckily I had a windbreaker and the head covering I bought for running in the cold. SO I head back out and I was ok. I got a good 17+ Miles in. I need to really loose some weight and work on my hills. I hit some small rolling hills and my speed just plummets.

So I finished my ride, changed into my running shoes and headed out for a 10 min brick run. It didnt feel too bad. I did it in 10 minutes which is around my normal training pace for my longer runs. I feel like if I can work on my cycling, I can have a stong tri season.

Oh and when I got home, I noticed I had an email from the group I used to ride with on Sunday mornings. The ride had stopped for the winter, but is starting back up next week. i am so happy since I prefer to ride with a group when Im out on the road.

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