Friday, March 7, 2008

Week 2 is almost over

Well this has been a busy week. This is really gonna be my first full week of training in a long time. I have had a few great workouts. I really pushed myself today in the pool. Yesterday felt great on the bike on the trainer. I am looking forward to a brick on sunday. I have a new knee pain when I land on it wrong, but I dont think it is major. I am gonna stick to my Tri plan and work on the half marathon later in the year.

We bought a juicer over the weekend and Ive been making juice one or two times a day. I think Ive had more energy since starting juicing. Also, my weight loss has picked back up again. I need to really focus on my diet. I may even go see the nutritionist.

Im really fealing good about things now. I am looking forward to Westpoint as my first A Race.

Tommorow is the Concourse expo and next weekend I am doing a free tri mini camp in Gainesville. Things are definitely looking up with the time changing and getting closer to the first tri of the year.

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