Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Training is good, work.....crazy,school...insane

So my life has been so crazy lately. Work has been off the chain. I have several projects all at the same time. I was at an informative conference today on medical coding (yes I know it sounds kinda booring, but it helps me understand some of our processes better). I am dreading what I will be walking into. I am taking 3 classes at Kennesaw State. I take once class on Tues, one on Thurs, and one online. At this point I I have one more H/W assingment, and FOUR projects, 3 of them being group projects. Balancing all of this plus training, plus spending time with my wife (Cathy) has been tough.

I have to say I am shocked I have been able to maintain some consistency in my training. I have only missed one workout in several weeks and that was the day with the nasty storms. I am feeling superb about how I am progressing in my training. My first tri of the year cant get here soon enough. I think I need to find a 5K or maybe wait another month and shoot for a 10K. I am really yearning to run a race and see how I am progressing.

Yesterday was a swim day. my main set was only 4*100 base set. Felt good. I think this recovery week was timed very well. Today's plan called for a 40 min ride with several short hill repeats. I opted to do a spin class instead. Cathy joined LA Fitness with I and I promised her I would do some classes with her. I had previously taken several spin classes at LAF and hadnt been too impressed with the instructors. Well to my shock who walks in? One of my fav instructors from when I was a spin class addict at Gold's. I was so happy. I had a great class. The music was great, lots of techno. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, as I was leaving I noticed who was about to start teaching the 645 class:my absolute favorite spin instructor ever. I should've stopped in to find out when she teaches. Ive decided for now to do one of my cycle nights in the spin classes and focus on my leg strength. That will definitely help me climb up the hills.

I am also looking forward to seeing the nutritionist on Saturday.

I am almost certain tomorrow will be an off day. I may pack my swim stuff just in case, but I have to be in work early, have a late mtg and class till 11. I may skip out of class early just to get my swim on.

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