Friday, March 21, 2008

Spectacular Swim

So after a late meeting at work and an early morning meeting, I decided I didnt want to be at school till 11PM. Also I REALLY wanted to get in the pool. I had been really stressed out between work and school. It is amazing how I can get into training mode and forget about it all. I felt really good during my warmup, my flip turns were coming along. For my pull sets, I really pushed myself. I felt so strong. Then came my main set. 4*150 (50 build/25 descend/50 build/25 descend). Each one I pushed myself harder and faster. When I was done with what was to be the prescribed set I decided to add back the kicks, which were taken off since this was a recovery week. My legs were feeling really good. I decided to do some butterfly stroke before I cooled down.

Back in HS I got thrown into doing the 100 fly at most races. I never really liked it. Since i've been training for tri's I will often do 25 or 50 fly just to see how it feels. Well last night after all my training I was able to do a full 100 fly without stopping. I felt so strong.

All of this is making me feel really confidant in myself.

Tomorrow is a run with my usual Saturday morning group. My plan calls for 40 min I may push it to 6 miles ( just over an hour). Ill have to see how I feel. Then we go to see the nutritionist. Sunday is a group ride followed by a brick run.

This has been such a great week for training.

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