Monday, March 17, 2008

Spectacular Run

After yesterday's tough brick, I was afraid Id be sore today. I woke up feeling a little tired but otherwise feeling really good. I had a crazy day at work that didnt let up. When I left work I was a little tired. When I got home, I didnt give myself a chance to cop out. I got dressed and drove to the park close to my house. It has a ~1mile loop with a few small hills. My plan called for a 40 min base run with 6 * 30 sec bursts. I headed out easy, wanting to actually warm up before I did my first burst. My legs were feeing really good. It felt like every burst got progressively faster and progressively easier. I ended up feeling like I could have done more bursts or run longer, but I dont want to push too hard too fast. This was even with a 10 mph wind. I found myself purposely running several of my bursts into the wind

I think this is the first time I have really, truly stuck to a training plan and I have to say I am feeling good. I feel like I am truly making progress. I definitely have my mojo back. I am getting all my training days in and no matter how tired I am while I am driving home, when I step out of my car I am always stoked and ready to get out there. I cannot wait till my first race. I am also feeling like I should be able to hit a new 10K PR during the peachtree this year.

Todays Run
Summary Data
Total Time (h:m:s) 0:40:14 8:57 pace
Moving Time (h:m:s) 0:40:13 8:57 pace
Distance (mi ) 4.49
Moving Speed (mph) 6.7 avg. 10.3 max.
Elevation Gain (ft) +409 / -429

Temperature (°F) 57.2°F avg. 57.2°F high
Wind Speed ( mph) E 10.4 avg. E 10.4 max.

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